Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chit Chat

Good Morning. Thank you all for the support on me going private. Something I have wrestled with for awhile now. I'm glad I did it.

Today Miller is going to school. The kids were out last week 2 days due to weather. So I'm ready to have some alone time. I'm actually coming back home to clean house. Fold laundry and straighten up. That way he and I can spend the afternoon together playing games. Madison has a game tonight and its away so Scott is going after work.
Scott and I are looking forward to the last season of Lost starting back up. Its our favorite show of all times. We have been watching the upcoming "hint" shows that have been on. I need to catch up with the Bachelor today and some Food Network shows I record...any of you watching The Worst Cooks Ever? Pretty good. I watch the FoodNet work alot...the Challenge shows are really good.

So Madison and I are planning her 13th birthday party. That has been interesting. She wants everything....lol.
This week isnt that bad for me. We are coming home after school today and will be playing games and watching a movie together.
Pretty laid back day.
Hope you all are well talk to you soon.


Christina said...

I'm looking forward to Lost too. It is definitely one of the best shows out there. The Bachelors been okay, with some drama, but it's a little strange this season. Almost like Jake is too perfect, but I felt sorry for him last night.

What are you going to plan for Madison's birthday? You always have such great ideas.

Tina Leigh said...

So I am catching up!!!!

I love the new show "The Good Wife". Looking forward to Burn Notice coming back on....love that show. I dont like reality shows....Calgon take me away from reality please!!!!!!

Sounds like a good day to me.