Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yada, Yada, Yada

Good Morning it's freezing here. It's 15. It's soooooo cold.
I picked this picture because it was taken in Hawaii and well, who wouldn't want to be there right now? Today I get to go to the salon and get my nails done...yada yada yada I know. But I love getting this done...its very relaxing. Miller is going to mom's...and I have to get my jeep serviced. Not alot going on in my neck of the woods.
American Idol was just hilarious last night....I mean what was up with some of those people? We would pause and rewind alot. We laughed so hard.
Scott just left he had to be at work early. Madison is still asleep and Miller is in the Tupperware cabinet.
The weaning is going okay...I feel much better about it. Thanks to all of you who talked to me about it. We are teething really my question of the day is Does anyone have any great methods for teething relief? Any advice would be appreciated....
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Dee said...

Enjoy your time at the salon - that was something I use to do to pamper myself - you are SO right, it is super relaxing. Haven't done that in a while, though....

As for the teething - have you tried the "teething tablets"? I used those with Matt - they were WONDERFUL!!! Praying still - for weaning process and for the teething!!

mom of 2 said...

Oh, teething! I used Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) when they got really bad. I also used Orajel, which seemed to work well for both of my kids. If they just want to chew on something I'd put a damp baby wash cloth in the freezer for a while and give that to them.

Glad you are feeling better about the weaning!!

{Karla} said...

i guess that everyone is finally getting winter... it's so hard when it suddenly changes. you don't have time to adjust to it.

have fun at the salon!


Christina said...

Nice picture. We don't get to see the falls much because you have to hike up pretty high, but we get to see the ocean every day.

I watched American Idol, just like every year and I thought it was hilarious too. I can't believe the people who can't sing yet argue with the judges that they can sing.

I hope the weaning keeps going well. At least it doesn't take too long. I think being in the middle of it is the worst part, once you are at the end you can kind of feel good about it.

Sandra said...

Have fun at the salon :)

Ooohhh teething molars is the pits. I used orajel with my kids and they seemed to love the teething rings...I would pop them in the freezer to get them nice and cold and let them chew on that. Seemed to help a lot.

As for cold...I would invite you over but it's 4 degrees here LOL


Cece said...

I love getting my nails done. Its one of the only things I'd NEVER give up if my husband asked me to. LOL

Glad the weaning is getting better. Teething advise, yikes its been about 4 years since I've gone through that so can't help you there.

stay warm!

Kim said...

I love the warm's so cold here too. One of the docs I worked for years ago used to recommend Hylan's (or Hyland's) teething tablets. I've never tried them, but I think they have them at most pharmacies. Have a great day!

keri said...

the funniest on AI last nite was that girl who did the lion impression from wizard of oz. what in the world? it made me laugh though!

gail said...

I'm glad American Idol is back on.
When my kids were little I would freeze things for them to suck on, used those hard teething biscuits too and they loved those; not sure if they still make them! Something to rub on their gums probably works too....teething can be so hard!

Glass Half Full said...

Seems this cold chill is EVERYWHERE!!! We finally have snow and I am wiping a tear from my eye anticipating tulips in Spring!!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

No advice on the teething, but I bet he was adorable playing in the Tupperware cabinet :)