Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The next milestone please....

I cannot wait.......we are so ready for this.
Season Premiere Tonight & Tomorrow 8/7c!
If you have never watched it...give it a try you will laugh your socks off...good comedy.
We have watched every season but one.....and we just really as a family enjoy this. There are some people that really think they can sing.....too funny. Don't miss it!

I just love this photo..it looks so relaxing. I wish I was there sitting with a glass of Sweet Tea or wine...I could take either.....this weaning thing has gotten me down in the dumps. I'm almost done. I'm not swollen anymore. But yesterday I was sad. I know he needs me for other things....trust me I know this. But its the end and what if I don't have anymore kids...I will never experience anything like this again.....and he wont burn my 500 calories a day anymore...so this means I have to get my butt up and go work out...this I can do maybe it will take my mind off the weaning. I do miss it and I know this will pass....I felt very needed though...and I do with all my family.....Its just a breastfeeding mom thing I guess.

Madison goes back to school today so we will get back to normal. We watched the Golden Globe Awards last night and really enjoyed watching them walk down the red carpet. Well, it's off to make breakfast......have a great day and don't forget to watch American Idol tonight!
Happy Tuesday!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

We have watched American Idol since the first season and it's a family tradition now! I could go without the horrendous audition rounds, but it's fun nonetheless. Hubby's work even has an office Idol contest and we get to pick who we think will get voted off each week and win prizes, etc. It's fun! My mom comes over at least once a week to watch it with us, too!

mom of 2 said...

We will definitely be watching American Idol...it is hilarious during these first few episodes!! We laugh and laugh!!

I totally understand on the weaning. I breastfed Emily for 10 months. The day she started walking (right at 10 months) is the day she decided she was done breastfeeding. I was beyond sad at first and in terrible pain going from 3 feedings a day to none. After a while though it was a nice feeling...sort of liberating. I hope that soon you'll be feeling better about it!

Cece said...

I've yet to get "into" AI. Maybe I'll give it a try this season.

Sorry about being in the dumps on the weaning. I'm sure it hard. {{hugs}]

Mike said...

Great image.

And, yes, we're addicted to American Idol, too.


Barb said...

Oh happy days! American Idol is back! I'm completely addicted, too.

Nobody believes me but last season, the minute Taylor Hicks auditioned, I told Rob, he's the next American Idol. I just knew it.

Wonder if I can pick the winner from tonight's tryouts. :-)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

We'll be watching tonight too. I missed the first two seasons, but not an episode since. While I loved Taylor last year, I heard Chris in auditions and said "he's the one who will win". Still think he was robbed :)

I love these early shows, and the "good tv" all the bad singers make, but I do think it goes on a bit long. After a couple of weeks of it, it's more like nails on a chalkboard to me and I can barely stand it :)

Jen and family said...

that TV show is good isnt it :) and I liked the New Zealand version too

It is a beautiful photo my prayers and thoughts are with you at this time

Glass Half Full said...

We watched and were SO dissappointed -- NOBODY IMPRESSED US!!! We'll have to see what other cities bring.

gail said...

I watched the globes and was excited to see Jennifer Hudson (former Idol contestant) win for Dreamgirls!