Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday 13

It's Thursday goes.

1. I love to watch people in airports. Wondering where they are going who they are going to see...why they have to get there so fast.

2. I love to eat Cotton Candy with my kids.

3. I enjoy getting mail.....esp when it's a card from a friend....I also enjoy sending cards to people.

4. Scott and I have a heated mattress pad with dual sides and our own controllers so we can be as warm as we want without burning the other one up.

5. I wish I could take up golfing so Scott and I could share a hobby together.....yet I find the sport incredibly boring.

6. I love to watch Ellen DeGeneres in the afternoons...I seldom ever miss her. I think she is so funny.

7. I hate confrontation....and some people use this against me.

8. I love to relaxes me. I love to make things from scratch

9. I used to smoke cigarettes when I was in high school....age 15-21...I quit when I got pregnant....glad I did.

10. I drive a Jeep's black.

11. On my wedding dad said if I wanted to back out he could get me out of there in 10 questions asked...he liked Scott...just thought I was young with my whole life in front of me....and I was the oldest of 3.......I was only you know I declined his offer. And I'm happily married.

12. Both my Babies were big...Madison was 9.1 pounds 20 inches long and Miller (one week early) 8.9 pounds 22 inches long.....and yes I had them natural.

13. I love genealogy as most of you know and love to go through old cemeteries searching for different people.

Now sweet Miller is running a 104.8 temp.....he is sleeping right now and I got it down...Madison is running about 102.3.....please pray for a quick recovery as I hate it when they are sick.
Have a great Thursday!


mom of 2 said...

Loved the list! I, too, used to smoke in high school. I find it terribly disgusting now!!

Hope Madison and Miller are well very soon!!

Dee said...

loved your TT!! i can identify with #2, #7 (MAJORLY), #8 and #9 ---

have a great Thursday! ;)

Pattie said...

Great list! I love giving/receiving cards, too. I wish I could say I love to cook. Does loving to eat count? :)

Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon...

Anonymous said...

Ok..I'm jealous of the heated mattress pad..I MUST get one of those! I love to play golf..just rarely get to chance. Cooking relaxes you? Oh girl...don't let my husband find out there is a woman like that. Ha! I hate cooking!

Your poor kids. That 104 temp makes ME hurt. Yuck. Hope they are better very soon!

Tina Leigh said...

GOLF JEN....YUCK!!! I think it is a sissy sport & I pick on the guys from my church about it all the time, lol! I love thursdays here!!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I just LOVE Thursday Thirteens or memes or lists like this! Love learning new things about blog buddies :)

I would love a dual control heated mattress pad or even blanket. Unfortunately my darling husband thinks those things fry his brain out and doesn't want them. Boo, hiss :)

I would love to go along with you on #5, my husband is an avid golfer, but it bores me to tears. I try to go with him sometimes and act interested, but its hard. I don't want to take it up either, although he would do absolutely anything in the world to encourage me. He tells me all the time, it would be just PERFECT if we could play together! Too sweet, but I just have no interest in it :)

So sorry they're both still running fevers, hope it gets better soon and they are back to their normal happy selves!

Kim said...

I am totally with you on # 1 & 2. I love sending cards. We have a lady from our church who is 106 years old and still walks to her mail box everyday. I help my girls send her a note a couple times a month. She isn't able to attend church anymore, so we've never even met her. I also used to drive a Jeep Cherokee, but now I have a minivan...I use it more like a pickup truck. I am so sorry that the children are still sick. I'll pray for them again.

Chappyswife said...

Great list. I hope and pray your little ones are feeling much, much better now. And God bless you, too, as you care for them. It is so very hard on the mom to watch as her children are sick.

Kate said...

Just popped by...what a fun list! :) I'm with you on #1...I LOVE to "people-watch" in general...and #3 (who doesn't, right?)...and #6 so funny, I watch her too! Have a great weekend...God bless!