Friday, January 12, 2007

Girl Talk

Well, it's Friday pull up a chair and something to drink...lets talk...

I have alot to say today....first of all.....I need a banner for Girl Talk does anyone no of anyone that can make me one or show me how to make one? Let me know.......I'm in need of assistance.

I had fun on my lunch with my friend yesterday.....we are planning a Girls Night Out...which is in much dire need. I love girls nights them...dinner, drinks, and a movie.....

Alot is going on in my household this weekend....I have a Women's Club meeting Saturday morning..Madison has acting lessons...she has soccer practice and a game.....along with I would say Mom's Taxi will be going strong.

We are having sleeping problems in the house again. Madison wont go to sleep...she slept maybe 2 hours last night...I don't think she had any caffeine last night...I went over her diet and don't think she snuck anything. She was up and down all night long...Miller has been waking up around 1-2 am for the last week...I put him in bed with us and he goes right back to sleep...I DON'T nurse him...He is just down to evenings before bed. SO Scott is pretty grumpy this morning he didn't get to work out because he so tired...and I'm sleepy too. Madison will be hit the hardest when she is sitting in math class today around 2pm.....any suggestion out there?

I went to Walmart yesterday and had alot of groceries....when you go to the grocery (Walmart) do you let the cashier put them in your cart? The last couple of times I get some over weight women who wants me to do I do....then I want to say...can I get my 20% of your check now? What are your feelings on this?

We are supposed to get alot of rain this weekend..I hate that much rain...and of course we will be going alot. Then the temp is supposed to drop to 16 on Sunday....which wont be good at all.
I'm going out with mom today....running some errands...going to World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond....need to look at some different household items....Monday Madison is out of school so we thought we would take a trip to the cemetery to see Papaw Dub.......we need to do new flowers anyway. Madison has only been back one time since he passed away.

Well, its off for a shower.......have a great weekend friends......

The Only way to have a friend is to be one...Ralph Waldo Emerson


mom of 2 said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend! Sorry about the sleeping issues! We have been fortunate in that our kids are good sleepers...wish I had some advice for you! I shop at WalMart, too...I'm actually going grocery shopping there today. I always put my own stuff in the cart and mostly because no cashier has ever offered. But I'm picky about my groceries and I know that if I put them in the cart that I'm not going to put the dog food on top of the bread and stuff like that. Hope you have a great Friday!

Dee said...

whew girl - you are going to be busy this weekend! mine seems to be pretty low key for now - other than the baptism.

sleeping?!? i have no clue - kelsey has always been a good sleeper and matt, we bounce back and forth with him. most times, i am convinced he is just afraid if he goes to sleep he'll miss something. i offer prayers though ---

the walmart - i know what you are saying. i WISH they'd put the stuff in, but NO ONE at ours does. i think they are just too lazy, but like mom of 2 said, at least when i do it myself - i know where my eggs and bread are! :)

have a great weekend -

Sandra said...

Sounds like you have a really busy weekend planned. I'm tired just reading it LOL

I can make you a banner for your Girl Talk, just let me know what you want on it and all the info and I'll get it for you :)


Doris said...

I'm sending a picture via email. If it works for a banner, feel free to use.

Barb said...

I love the Emerson quote. So true, isn't it?

I don't know what to tell you about the topsy turvy sleep schedule. I guess what I'd do is try to keep everyone awake as much as possible during the day so they'll be tired enough to sleep through the night.

Boy, I'll bet you two are so looking forward to the day when you know that lights out really means lights out. It's so hard to function when you're not getting enough sleep.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh glad you had fun at lunch and are planning a girls night out. I'm sure it will be well deserved and you probably need one after this weekend. You guys stay busy!

Sorry the kids aren't sleeping. Not sure I have any good suggestions, caffeine would have been one thing but sounds like you're on the lookout for that. It bothers my sleep if I have any very late.

I'm going to Walmart today for groceries. I usually load my own, I prefer to do it that way. I don't like heavy stuff on top of light stuff, etc. I like to try to unload my groceries and group them together (cold stuff together, pantry stuff together, cleaning supplies together, etc) in hopes they will bag them like that, but they rarely do. I have about decided to only go to Walmart for groceries every other week and go to our Kroger here (where I can self check-out and load my own bags) on the opposite weeks. They have better produce and meat anyway. :)

Hope you have a great weekend, stay warm and dry!

On the Journey to Victory said...

You are busy!

We have sleep issues here with our girls too, so all I can offer is empathy.

When I shop at Walmart I also put my groceries in my cart - never considered anything different.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.


Christina said...

Oh boy are you busy this weekend. I am not too busy, just waiting for the girl to call me back to see if they can fit me in on Monday to fix my tv. If not I have to wait until Thursday. I am going to go get rabbit ears and at least not miss my shows.

I don't have any advise with Madison's sleeping issues. Does she say she isn't tired? Maybe it will just be a passing thing hopefully.

Have a nice weekend.