Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13

Thursday 13......Thirteen Things About Me

1. I love to eat breakfast out......I love the smell of it in a restaurant

2. Our best vacation ever was to Disney World....we had a great time!

3. I love to watch My Name is Earl....Joy cracks me up!

4. I love to go through old plantation homes in the south

5. I wear jeans alot but prefer velour jumpsuits...I own like 5 of them

6. I'am a huge Nickel back fan

7. I make Strawberry Freezer Jam in the spring with my mom every year

8. The new Bacon by Oscar Meyer that is already cooked you just heat it up for 15 seconds is awesome.....thank God someone invented this

9. I have been wanting to can tomatoes with Scott's grandma before she passes..but she claims that tomatoes are too cheap to I may not get to do this

10. I'm going to start back on my genealogy once a week....looking for an hour or two every week...may turn something up

11. I have different colored scarves for my leather jacket..purple, green, red, black, white, cream, pink...I love wearing them when its cold outside!

12. I like to have my post on Blogger up before 8am every morning....

13. I have to sleep with 2 pillows.....and 2 blankets at night...with the blankets tucked in.

There you have it.....I hope you have a great Thursday 13!

I just had to say it......what the heck was American Idol all about last night? The Holler Monkey? That was hilarious...mean but I laughed so hard. The dude with red hair...what was this all about? And the one guy that was just weird looking.....that couldn't sing...the geek...oh my gosh.....hilarious....last night was too funny. Am I being too mean? I thought it was classic.


mom of 2 said...

I loved AI last night, too!!

I LOVE My Name Is Earl! Joy is so funny...I just love her character! I laugh out loud at that show every time we watch, which is every time it's on!

Overwhelmed! said...

You know, I've never done a Thursday 13 before. Who hosts it?

I like to sleep with 3 pillows and 2 blankets. Unfortunately, my blankets never stay tucked in.

Gypsy said...

I love touring old homes, too. Happy TT!

{Karla} said...

I'm a 2 pillow sleeper too.

And I LOVE eating breakfast out too. I don't do it nearly enough ;)


dayna said...

i just found your site...How did you change the 'comments' to 'cups of coffee'?

Barb said...

What a sweet Thursday Thirteen, Jen. How I would love to tour some of those old southern homes with you.

And no, you're not being mean. I sat there thinking, these people aren't serious. Even I can look in the mirror (or sing out loud) and know immediately that I'm NOT the next American Idol. These are the worst auditions ever!

Cece said...

I've only watched Earl once or twice. I keep forgetting about it. Maybe I'll put it on my Netflix instead. *lol*

I would love to visit an old plantation house some day.

Dee said...

i love tt's! i also make strawberry freezer jam and also crockpot apple butter in the fall! YUM!! Old plantation homes --- my hearts desire one summer is for my DH and I (and kids of course) to set off and visit quite a few - we live in a great area to start... so... we'll see!

Jen and family said...

I share your interest of Number 4
I like historic houses too :)

gail said...

Nice T13! We have lots of old plantation homes here where I live, farming area of Mississippi!

I need to start back doing this one again.

AI is almost hard to watch with all those people!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, breakfast out is my favorite too! One year for my birthday I specifically asked for that. I got taken to a great place and ordered like eggs, bacon, toast, grits and a stack of pancakes on the side. I was in heaven, sheer heaven!

Great T13 :)

Christina said...

I would love to go through an old plantation house. I read books about them and have watched shows on them, but I have never gotten the chance to actually go through one.

I have been to Disney World and Disney Land and I really think I enjoyed it as much as my kids did. My cousin had her honeymoon at Disney and said it was the most awesome week she could of imagined.

I don't know what the heck was up with American Idol, can anyone in Seattle actually sing?

Mrs McCrory said...

Hey, I just found your blog. I also just started doing the Thursday 13 yesterday. :) love it. I'm soo sad because I actually missed that American Idol. I did catch the first one though. If you get a chance feel free to check out my blog.

Chappyswife said...

Love Nickelback! Good list, Jen :0)