Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday 13 & A Meme

13 Things About Little Ole Me......

1. Yes. I'm a blonde......everyone thought I was a Brunette....nope..I'm blonde...with low lights

2. I do however have brown eyes...

3. I like to eat banana and peanut butter sandwiches

4. I require at least 6 hours of solid hard less or I'm very crabby

5. I don't like to read but enjoy surfing the internet..or watching tv

6. My favorite ice cream is Peanut Butter and Chocolate

7. When it comes to traveling even the smallest trips I tend to organize everything even bathroom breaks....I'm little crazy in this department...and dont let anything get off schedule!

8. I drink my coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars

9. I dont miss working

10. I want me and hubby to go away to a Bed & Breakfast for our anniversary this year

11. I love listening to Miller sleep.....

12. I love watching Madison get off the school bus and run down the driveway..the energy and excitement she has is great!

13. One day I want to take my family to Ireland...of course with an itinerary.

Also CeCe at Lovin Laughin Livin tagged me for 5 things you dont know about goes..

1. I have a glass of wine every night to wind down from my day of changing diapers, cleaning toilets,checking homework and running a car pool. Need I say more?

2. I have many hats at church...I organize the Welcome Center schedule all year, I head up the parties\get togethers in Sunday School, I help with organizing refreshments in Sunday School, I'm Hospitality Leader in MOPS...and a Discussion Group Leader in MOPS, and a Care Group Leader in Sunday School...I also help organize food sent out to new mothers, and funerals......

3. I'm still breastfeeding and need to quit...hopefully soon...I'm supposed to be a size 6 but am a 4 right now...scared I may slip into a 2 any day now.....any tips on weaning are accepted...with a smile.

4. I clean my baseboards every month...I'm weird on this I know. I mean I get on the floor with Pine Sol and water and scrub them.

5. I just discovered Madison's CD of Carrie Underwood and love it...I took it out of her room and listen to it all the time....LOL!

Now whoever would like to do this...go for it...I enjoyed it.

Hope you all enjoyed today........have a great day I'm off to the grocery and lunch with a friend...Happy Thursday!


gail said...

I like my coffee with cream and sugar too or I can't drink it!
I love the Carrie Underwood cd too.

Could you come clean baseboards at my house!

I haven't done T13 in a while but will get back to it if I can come up with 13 things!
You did good.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We are a lot alike- back when I could have dairy, Baskin Robbin's PB & Chocolate ice cream was my VERY favorite! I don't miss working at all! I catch myself spending too much time watching Gray sleep... but, I am in no hurry to wean! You've reminded me that I need to clean the baseboards now...

Barb said...

This was so fun to read, Jen. I think a lot of us were surprised when we saw your photo. It's funny how we form mental images of each other based on the words we read. I'd have thought you were a very tall brunette.

I'm pretty sure even my left thigh isn't a size 2. Or 4. :-)

I hope you get to go to that bed and breakfast. Why don't you just "organize" it -- you can easily make that happen. :-)

Dee said...

i love learning about my friends --- so fun!! i have been lazy on doing thursday 13's -- i couldn't come up with anything to write about ... maybe one day, i'll do another one!

i LOVE pb and banana sandwiches and need sleep too! as for the traveling and being organized, i too am ocd about it - drive my dh NUTS!!!!! i LOVE being organized in most anything we do!

OMG - ireland - my DREAM destination; i want to visit some irish pubs and see the countryside... maybe one day!

have a great day and enjoy your lunch date!

{Karla} said...

banana and peaunut butter sandwiches are my favorite!!! YUM!


(my T13 is up)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Banana and PB sandwiches, you crack me up, that's so southern! We eat them too, and even GASP, sometimes use mayo instead of pb :) We are very compatible coffee drinks too!

Isn't that Carrie CD great? Especially "Before He Cheats", good song to clean by, LOL

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful time at your girls lunch :)

mom of 2 said...

Love the lists! Emily got the Ally & AJ cd recently and it is really good!!

Cece said...

OMG Jen I ams SO feeling you on #7! Seriously. I just handled all the reservation arrangements for our vacation in Mexico this March. 11 people, 8 of them fling in from out of state. I'm handling the house, food, van rental, party games, booze & the list goes on & on. I began planning this last May, I think. Its in my blood, I can't help it!

Both are greats lists!

Jen and family said...

Im Jen too and I live in New Zealand
found your blog through The FlipFlop Momma.
I have a big gap between my boys too I have an 11 year old and a 14 month old
I love it too
seems you like peanut butter Jen
Me too in fact I like anything made with peanuts.
Have an an awesome day :)

Glass Half Full said...

Laughing at how similar we are!!! I drink my coffee the same and sleep is VERY important or I get TOO emotional and lose it over little things.

I am an overscheduler and a TRUE blonde. :)

Kim said...

My daughter loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches! This is the same daughter who stuffed a peanut butter and jelly into our vcr at one point in life.