Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things About Me

1. I love Southern Living Magazine

2. I love Gap jeans

3. I enjoy hanging out with Scott

4. I keep the Today Show on all morning but I never watch it.

5. I cant stand it when people leave their Christmas lights up and on until Valentines Day

6. My daughter goes to the same school I went to as a child.

7. I love to watch it snow while drinking Hot Chocolate

8. I only go to the movies about 2 times a year...we wait until they are out on DVD

9. I drink Crystal Light On The Go Tea with Lemon

10. I watch the History Channel and the Travel Channel all the time.

11. I hate Math

12. I have always wanted to ride a train to Chicago

13. I have 3 gift certificates for Massages and have not scheduled any of them yet.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hey Jen - I tried all day Thursday to post a comment on your blog and kept getting errors. Hopefully today is better!

I love Southern Living magazine too, great mag! I've been using a lot of those Crystal Light on-the-go packets in my water bottle. The green tea with mandarin/mango is my current fave :)

Have a great day!

Barb said...

Southern Living is one of my favorite magazines, too. Always full of good stuff. And Gap jeans are the only ones I own. We have a Gap outlet here, thank goodness.

I've only ridden a train once but I've promised myself to make the trip through the Rockies to Denver. It's cheap, relaxing and that trip will be gorgeous no matter what time of year I go.

Great list! Always nice to know more about our friends.

Christina said...

I thought I was the only one who put the tv on in the morning and didn't watch it. I think I just like to hear something. I am not too great with the sound of silence.

Southern Living is a great magazine. I enjoy this one too.

The Wooden Porch said...

We still have our lights up!! :-) We had them on last night too, but really, it does drive me nuts too. It's my husband's job to take them down, so by March or April I get mad and then do it myself. (Yesterday was my baby's bday so I let my little girl turn them on) I've never tried Gap jeans, but I know a lot of people who swear by them!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I meant to comment on this the other day and didn't have the chance! So, here I am a few days late...

We like a lot of the same things... I love Gap jeans- the only jeans I wear (and I am wearing right now!)... I keep the Today Show on or GMA but don't watch it either! I was just grumbling about a neighbor that still has Christmas lights up! It's February! Sheesh! I love watching the snow, and we wait for almost every movie to come out on DVD. I've ridden many a train ride to Chicago, but you should do it if you ever have a chance!