Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My first Works for me Wednesday

This is my first Works For Me Wednesday...I check in every week...but never post here goes.

With winter here...all I can think of is Vacation, Vacation, I thought I could share this with works for me!
I love to it....and love to plan my vacations..... save some $$$ and stay in a nice place....I'm a nut with itineraries.....but I wanted to share some travel tips with you.....

* The best website for booking condos. Vacation Rentals by Owners. You really save $$$ this way.

*For Disney lovers...this web site is a must Deb's Unofficial Guide to Disney.
When we went 2 years ago...I had so much info from just this website...she has everything you need. Honestly. If you need a list of items to take...I can get this for you.

*Bed and Breakfast Lovers.....go to this
This website is great and check out their recipes....AWESOME!

* I use Hotwire to book hotels.....and always have great

*And don't ever forget to check out this website before leaving for the BIG

For more WFMW go see Shannon......@ Rocks In My Dryer

* One more thing to add.....Madison woke up with a 104.7 fever this morning and congestion...Miller is also sick...I took them to the doctor and they have a virus....with a cold...the virus a form of the flu......not the flu though. She is in bed on cold and cough medicine and lots of Motrin and Tylenol.....Miller is asleep he however is not as sick as my sweet Madison...Say a prayer she and he heals fast.


Nicole said...

WOW. I needed this today. To dream about getting away to somewhere warm. It is such a nice vision.

My husband and I want to take a trip this summer somewhere special. We had our 10 year anniversary last year and didn't do a thing. So this year I really want to go somewhere nice. I was looking online this past weekend and didn't have much luck. Thanks for the tips. They were desperately needed.

gail said...

Ooh, links, fun! I'm going to check out the condo one in case we get to go skiing this year. We used the Disney one a lot last year before our trip to Orlando.

Glass Half Full said...

Steve and I were just talking about vacations -- perfect timing to read this.

How are your kids???? We had that bad cold/cough a couple weeks ago. :(

Barb said...

Book me for Hawaii! Next week! Please! LOL

Anyone planning a vacation is going to really appreciate these tips, Jen. Sounds like you really have your traveling act together.

Those high fevers are just the scariest thing. Cameron had a fever a couple of weeks ago that starting inching up towards 104 and I was freaking out. Me. The experienced mom! Within two day you'd never have known he'd been sick. His doctor said the same thing - a virus.

I hope your little ones feel better soon, especially poor Madison. They're just so miserable when they've got a fever like that.

Anonymous said...

What great tips! I'll have to bookmark those sites!! We are going to Aruba in June..woo hoo!

That is a HIGH fever! Poor kid! Hope they are feeling better very soon!

Mike said...

Glad I stopped by your blog, and thanks for the links. My wife and I are planning a vacation.


Cece said...

We used to book our beach house in Mexico!! I cannot WAIT to go! Just 50 more days!

I always want to book w/ but I'm afraid of what I'll end up with because they don't show the hotel until after you book. I may have to risk it once & give it a try.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So sorry to hear your kiddos are not feeling well. I sure hope they both start feeling a lot better soon, and no one else gets sick. Take care of them and yourself :)

Thanks for the links, will check out the vrbo one, sounds cool!

org junkie said...

Oh so sorry the kiddos are sick. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the links!

Kim said...

I am so sorry the kiddos are sick; I always feel so bad when my girls are down. I'll pray for a quick recovery.

I am currently planning a trip to Disney for Spring Break. I love the website you mentioned. I also got the Passporter; it's a great planning and guide book.

By the way, it's Kim from peanutbutterandjellyinthevcr; I somehow deleted the whole silly blog and decided to go ahead and change to a shorter name.

Have a great day tomorrow and rest when the kids do so you don't get run down.

Overwhelmed! said...

Great tip! And welcome to WFMW. It's fun, isn't it? :)