Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Places I would love to visit on Vacation

1. Ireland...Scott's roots are from here
2. Italy...I love the romance of this country
3. Washington trip and very historical for us
4. New York City...Very Curious about this place
5. Alaska....I love the snow
6. Hawaii...the oceans...enough said
7. Paris.....because well, it's Paris
8. Napa Valley...I love wine vineyards
9. Key West....because I have been told it's gorgeous
10. Charleston, plantation homes and the south
11. Australia....kangaroos????
12. Las Vegas...I don't gamble..but would love to see it
13. Amish Country in Pennsylvania....I love reading abouth the Amish


mom of 2 said...

How was your little girls first day at school? I hope it was great!!

Love your list! I'd love to travel more, but with kids it's so expensive and a little harder. I hope to be able to travel more as they get older.

Barb said...

I certainly don't have to go to Alaska to find snow. We get plenty here in Colorado. But I'd love to go there anyway. And Hawaii. But my dream is to go to the Outer Banks and stay in a beach cabin for two weeks. And someday I will.

Chappyswife said...

Every one of them sound great to me! Good list!

Dee said...
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Dee said...

wow - great list - I too would love to visit Ireland, but have no ties there. Other than a love for the country!!

Miranda said...

I live in a area heavily populated by amish, it's so neat to drive by a horse and buggy, hearing the klip-klop. Great list, hope you see all of them!

Ravenbajan said...

WHAT?!? No Canadian destinations? I'm crushed!

(Seriously though, the Canadian Rockies are like nowhere on earth).

Great list! I just might steal your idea for a post of my own.