Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Saturday far

Well, it's Saturday....the temp has finally dropped. We don't have much planned today. Madison has to go cheer for Meet the Flash..(her school and introducing this years football team and cheerleaders).
Everyone has gone their seperate ways today...Scott is cleaning out the pool...Madison is playing outside...and I'am blogging. I need to be cutting up the watermelon I bought at the Farmers Market yesterday...and cooking the apples that have been sitting in my kitchen for 2 weeks.
Miller fell this morning and busted his top lip...yes I saw blood for the first time and panicked. You never want this to happen. I was crying, Madison was crying...Scott thought we had a soap opera going on....he applied ice to his lip....I tell ya when your kids hurt you feel an absolute feeling of utter pain.....the worse feeling in the world. I called my mom crying......he is fine...and asleep right now. Funny how life just keeps on going. It may have stopped for 15 seconds for us but not for the world. So now I have a pit in my stomach and feel awful. This too shall pass. I know. But for now I'm going to finish my last cup of coffee and sit here in the quiet and thank God he is okay.
Have a great weekend everyone,


mom of 2 said...

I'm sorry your little boy got hurt! I think it hurts our hearts as much as it hurts their bodies when they get hurt! When Travis was 2 he busted his bottom lip at preschool and had to get stitches. It was the most gut wrenching thing I've ever had to do. They had to put a cloth over his face so he couldn't see the surgical tools coming at him. Poor little guy...I just held his hand while we both cried and kept telling him mommy was right there since he couldn't see me. He wore those stitches like a badge of honor. I hope your little guy's lip is better soon!!!

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry he got hurt. I understand that feeling of panic and helplessness, nothing like our children hurting to make us feel like kids ourselves and just wanting our parents :)

Glad to know he's fine :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Angie said...

Poor fella! I really freaked out when my youngest was about 1 and he fell towards the fireplace which has the jagged stones. It was awful. He still has a scar on his cheek. He probably should have gotten stitches but we didn't take him. Bad mommy!
Glad to hear he is alright!

momrn2 said...

Sorry to hear about your little guy! I hope he is feeling better!! You're right... one of the hardest things as a mother is to see your little one hurt. I dread that feeling!!

It seems so many are starting school already. We don't start until after Labor Day. Your daughter looked great and like she was pretty "happy" about the whole thing. Glad you're "first day" is over... our's is coming in a couple weeks!

Hope you got some rest and were able to relax a bit.