Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen & A Pizza Meme

Hello.......Or Good Morning.........
Its Thursday so here is my Thursday 13!!!!!!!!!!

13 things I want to do in my life

1. Go snow skiing in Aspen with Scott (Barb....maybe we will come meet you while in the state)

2. Open up a Bed & Breakfast on the ocean...I have always wanted to do this...ALWAYS

3. Finish......I mean FINISH my family tree...I love geneology

4. Watch my kids accept the Lord into their lives

5. Take a train across country with my kids

6. Visit Italy, get a villa on a wine vinyard for a month and rest and watch the sun rise and set everyday

7. Buy my dream home....4 BDR 3B Brick home on 10 the country with a basement...BIG front porch and inground pool

8. Go Christmas shopping in NYC with my mom and Madison..(we are doing this next year)

9. Take the kids to Disneyworld for 2 weeks...when Miller is old enough of course

10. Have 1-2 more babies....Scott may kill me first

11. Can tomatoes with Scott's grandmother just for the memories of it.

12. Open a travel agency in my home

13. Drive down to Florida and stay for a couple of weeks and not worry about my home

Now for the Pizza Meme that I was tagged for by Barb at A Chelsea Morning....

Code Yellow Mom...fondly known as Code adapted a game she saw on a pizza box into this meme further proof that anything a blogger comes across is fun for a post......

What was your favorite thing about being a kid?

Riding my bike with my friend Crystal until dark....and snow sledding down her front yard hill all day on snow days until her dad would come outside and tell us to get out of his yard we were ruining it.....Eating Choc. Ice Cream Sundae's at McDonalds on Friday nights with my mom..and watching the Smurfs on Saturday mornings while my mom slept in...she always thought I got up to early on weekends......

What was your favorite subjest in school?

Advanced Biology...I loved this subject I loved my teacher it was an easy class and I looked forward to it everyday

Who was your best friend when you were 10?

Francine Stearns.......That was the first time I met her...when I was 10...we had a class together and we sat next to each other. We had the best time. We are still best friends to this day...she is expecting her first baby in 2 weeks....although we live over 1000 miles apart we email weekly.....we have had over 200 sleepovers, learned to drive together, went to all the Proms and Dances together, snuck out of our houses together....we were quoted in our year books as "always together"...she also helped me pass Algebra

If you could be any animal what would you be?

I have no idea.......a bird I wouldnt have to go through airport securty and could fly anywhere for free.

What would you change about you school, occupation or life right now???

Nothing...I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

What's your favorite color?

Black...although my mom would say...that is not a color...Turquoise is right up there too.

What is your favorite type of crust and toppings?

Thin crust...and Chicken Fahita Pizza...yummy!

I'm going to tag a couple of people so I can get to know them better.......
I'm throwing this one to....

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I have enjoyed doing this but need to go clean the house...have a great day.


mom of 2 said...

Loved your list! I'd like to travel, too!! Thanks for tagging me...I'll post it tomorrow!!

Sandra said...

Loved it :) Thank you for tagging me, I'm going to work on it for tomorrow :)

Hope you have a great day :)

Becky said...

I loved your Thursday 13!!! so fun to have dreams and goals....mine right now is to get through the day without throwing up again! LOL! thanks for sharing!!!

Barb said...

Tell you what Jenny. You come visit me in Colorado and I'll come stay at your bed and breakfast on the ocean. Possibly forever!

And it's just the coolest thing in the world that your best friend when you were 10 is still your best friend today.

Quite smart, being a bird. Fly anywhere for free without having to take your little bird shoes off in an airport would be fantastic!

Thanks for playing along. I thought this was a fun meme.

Dee said...

great list!! also - thanks for tagging me for the meme - i am going to try to get it up this afternoon!! :)

Christina said...

I'm glad you tagged me too. I love this kind of getting to know your stuff. I'll work on this one tonight.

Chappyswife said...

Hey, thanks for the tag! I really enjoyed your answers, as always!

Tina Leigh said...

This was very interesting Jen!! I love your posts on Thursday!!!

Ravenbajan said...

Interesting list! We have a lot in common!