Sunday, August 20, 2006

Meal Planning Monday

I hope everyone is enjoying my meal planning...Org Junkie has done such a great job organizing this so please go on over and visit other people who do this too. You might find a meal or two you may want to cook.

Monday......... Pepperoni Calzones on Homemade Bread....with a salad...Hot Bacon dressing

Tuesday.........Bacon Lettuce & Tomatoe Sandwiches with chips

Wednesday....Rotel Chicken with rice, with fresh Asparagas Spears & Fresh Corn on Cobb

Thursday.......Pot Raost, with carrots, mashed potatoes, and grean beans.....stewed tomatoes

Friday.............Madison's choice.....frozen pizza, fish sticks, or chicken nuggets

Saturday.........Eat Out

Sunday...........Leftovers from the week

Well, there you have it....I hope you enjoy if you need a recipe just email me at

Have a great day.......


mom of 2 said...

ooohhhh...the pepperoni calzones sound so yummy!! and the salad with hot bacon dressing...yummmmm again!!! It always makes me so hungry reading all of the Monday meal planning!!

How's Miller?? I hope he's feeling better!! :)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Mmmmm pot roast.. I think I'll make one too! I like mine with dumplings.. mmmm pot roast!



Pattie the Domesticator said...

I find myself curiously drawn to the Hot bacon dressing and the BLT's...I am a total bacon long as it is almost burnt! :)

Dee said...

hot bacon dressing????? what is this?????

everything sounds great!!! :)

Tina Leigh said...

Jen how are you & MIller doing??

org junkie said...

Yes I'd like to know about the Calzones too. Hope your little guy is feeling better. Keep us posted. Laura

Mom2fur said...

Oh, man, I love calzones! I've never tried to make them myself, though.
Hope the little guy is feeling better now!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Thank you for commenting on my site! Yes, I know it's a trip that I had my boys all in the same month. What's weirder is that they are in order and they are 2 weeks apart in their birth dates. My 6 yr old's is on Aug 3rd, my 5 yr old's is 2 weeks later on Aug 16, then 2 weeks later is my last son's birthday at Aug 31st. It's funny because My fourth child is a girl but she jumped in front of all them then and made it 2 weeks before the first one's birthday. Therefore, all the birthdays are 2 weeks apart. Thankfully, the last one is in 2 weeks. I'm getting sick of cake! LOL!

Sandra said...

Hmmm pepperoni calzones....I just made some chicken cordon bleu ones on saturday and they were to die for....:)

How is baby Miller feeling?

Jodi said...

Mmmmm BLT's, I haven't made them in forever! Gonna have to add them to the list for next week!

My list is up! Happy Monday!

Overwhelmed! said...

This all sounds so good! I need to get my weekly meal plan together. I'm still looking through the recipes from Friday to use this week. :)

Thanks for your nice comment on my camping trip post. Like you, I had a nice conversation with God in the wee hours of the morning, thanking him again for blessing me with my son.

I hope Miller is feeling better!

Barb said...

BLT's are one of our favorites this time of year when all the fresh tomatoes are coming in. And I know this sounds funny but even though it's now just me and hubby, we both really like fish sticks. Always have. I know, kid food, but we like them!

You are so organized!

Chappyswife said...

Good job on the menu. Everything sounds so delicious!