Sunday, August 20, 2006

Miller, A Storm and Laundry

Well, Miller is still sick. Now he has a cold. He cant breathe through his nose so his mouth hangs open. I think his throat hurts. He slept pretty good last night. He woke up at 2am with a fever of 100......he is playing with daddy right now. He has 3 doses of anti biotics in him...this morning he struggled with taking it and spit some of it out....but for the most part we got it down. Just waiting for it to start working...and I'm sure its working on his ears...but now we have a cold. He is really clingy which is fine...I love snuggling with my kids.

We had a horrible storm last night it pushed our trampoline up against the pool and took out our patio furniture out into the field. We lost some tree limbs.....but for the most part we very lucky...we had about 40 mph winds maybe stronger than that. Madison was out to dinner my parents and called freakin out wanting to talk to Miller to let him know he would be okay.......

My laundry is over flowing with Miller being so sick.......I have about 4 loads waiting to be folded and about 2 to wash. The laundry is a never ending battle we will never win.

Well, I guess I have complained to you all enough I hope things get better soon so I can have better things to talk about...
Happy Sunday....


Sandra said...

I'm so glad that you managed to get some antibiotics in him, very soon it will start working. Hope he feels better :)

We had a storm on base last week and it tore up trees from the ground, pretty scary.

Hey, you asked on my blog about any ideas on how to stick to a routine thing, what I did because I couldn't bring myself to actually sit down and write out lists etc....I went to The Helpful Housewife (it's on my sidebar on my blog) and printed out her routine lists, then just adapted it for's a great way to get started :)

Hope it helps.

Have a wonderful sunday, and get some rest ok?

mom of 2 said...

I do hope Miller gets better very soon!! At least he's sleeping some now!

Storms are scary! We have an under the stairs closet that is our "shelter" when there are tornadic storms in our area.

And...sigh...laundry! It seems like when I get to the bottom of the basket that it's bedtime and the kids fill it right back up again...I hear ya...never ending battle!!

Christina said...

If you can't complain to us who else can you complain to, so go ahead.
That storm sounds awful. I am glad to hear you are all ok.
I hope Miller's ear infection is better. A temp of 100 is no fun.
I always have lots of laundry. At least 5 or 6 loads a day. Can you believe this? I guess I have to kind of like it to be able to keep up with it. I keep repeating this mantra: Laundry is my friend, laundry is my friend...

Barb said...

Well if you can't complain to your friends, who CAN you complain to?

Ear infections manifest like colds sometimes so hopefully this is all just a side affect of that. I can just imagine how relieved you're going to be when he's all over this and back to normal.

Laundry? I gave up ages ago - never ever going to catch up. It multiplies all by itself.

Storms like that scare the beejeebs out of me. High winds make me want to hide somewhere.

I sure hope the coming week is better for you. But if you need to complain, well, that's what friends are far you know. :-)

Dee said...

Oh dear --

I hope Miller is much much better today and you are much more rested! Nothing is more heartwrenching than our babies being sick. Add to that frustrations you listed and one very worn out mommy ... AARGH!!!!

As for the complaining, sweetie -- complain!!! We all do from time to time and thats what our girlfriends are for!!!!!

((Hugs))) and prayers for a better week - Dee