Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Cardiologist

Thanks for your prayers......I'am fine. I think. I went in at 8am and waited until 9:30 to see somone. The Dr came in and listened to my heart about 5 different times.....he ordered an ultrasound on my heart and an EKG done right there in the office....then sent me to the hospital to have a Holter Monitor hooked up to me. Which by the way I would have a heck of a time getting through any airport security right now.....I look like I have bomb attached to me. I have to wear this until tomorrow.....they are monitoring my palpatations......anyway he seems to think I have a leak in a valve and its not flapping well....yes this is the term he used...flapping. He says it can be treated with exercise and medicine......and he stated that this is not something to be upset about...so I feel good about it..
Thank you again for your prayers...
On another note.....Miller is having an allergic reaction to his medicine and they have taken him off of it....he is on Benadryl until we figure out what is the cause of this......he has little red welps on his face and tummy.I believe they are hives...like it couldnt get any worse........we have to get our family pictures made for our church directory this Thursday....aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a mom ready to scream.....I'm tired and worn out.......


Dee said...

will continue to pray.... how frustrating to have so many issues in one short period of time. i will also pray for your sanity...LOL!!!!


mom of 2 said...

I'm glad you are ok and it isn't anything serious!

Hives can be so yucky...but benadryl usually helps! Emily is allergic to 3 diff. kind of antibiotics and she had hives and some facial swelling with each of them. I hope with some benadryl in him he will be feeling better!! I'm so sorry you have had to go through all of this!

Barb said...

OK, if you say not to worry, we won't but I hope you'll keep us posted. Poor baby. Sounds like hives from your description. Of course you're about ready to scream. Soon as you and everyone else is all well, and you can get some sleep, you'll feel brand new.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Wow, will keep praying for you. I think I may have this but have never had it checked out. Will pray everything goes well for you and for Miller!

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm very glad to hear that your doctor is not overly concerned with your heart issues! Whew!

Sorry to hear that Miller is having an alergic reaction to his medicine. Poor baby. I hope that you both get some rest and feel better soon!

Thanks for your comment on my Older Parent (revealing my age) post!

I think you're right, there is no "right" age, as long as you love them!

Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Christina said...

Somehow I missed you yesterday, probably because my daughter and grandson were still here and I didn't get much of a chance to go online. I will pray for you. I know you will be ok. I am glad the cardiologist says so. Just please do what he says and let your friends take care of the rest, especially lots of prayers.
About a week ago I had my 7 year old in the ER with hives because he also started coughing and I thought he may be getting worse. They treated him and he is ok. He is allergic to mosquitoes, always has been, and we live by a creek. Ok 1 boy, a creek, 2000 mosquitoes. You know what that adds up to. Great fun. I don't think he learned his lesson yet, but I wish he would just stay away from that creek. I hope Miller is ok and I know how itchy this is so I hope he doesn't feel too itchy anymore. Hugs Christina

Tammy said...

I'm visiting from another site, but just wanted to say, I do understand how you feel! Some weeks are like that!

I get palpatations from time to time also and have a murmur. And yes, I should be walking more!
Oh, and my daughter had an allergic reation to her meds one time, too.
(I have two daughters, ages 7 and 4)

Hopefully, next week will be better for you!

Becky said...

I hope all works out with everyone in your house!!! Feel better soon!

keri said...

my daughter had an allergic reaction to bactrim at miller's age. so she can't take it anymore. i hope you can find something else quick so his little ears can get better. i'm so sorry you are having to go through all of this. and the whole heart thing with you sounds a little scary. but i'm glad you are not worried and that the doc said not to worry. thats a good thing.

Angie said...

Oh poor thing, this happen to my daughter a few years back. She was allergic to the penicillin. When I took her back in they thought it was hand/foot/mouth diease. So I kept giving her the pen. I was poisoning her, until I finally told the doctor that I thought it was the pen. I should have stuck w/ the Mommy instinct first off. Her entire body was covered. It was awful, so now she has large, bright notes on her files at the doc's office. Go figure! Hope he feels better soon!
Glad your appointment went well too.

Tina Leigh said...

Poor Jen & Poor Miller!! I have had you on my mind. I will continue to pray for you both.. Keep us posted....your part of the family now!!

Chappyswife said...

I am glad you are going to be okay. Keep us posted. I pray little Miller is better by now. God bless you both.

Ravenbajan said...

Hmm... leaking, flapping valve ~ That's what I have. I notice you referred to it as MVP below. Do you mean Mitral Valve Prolapse? If so, I have it too!

The main hassle with it is the medication part. You have to make sure you take antibiotics before ANY dental work (especially just a regular cleaning), any surgeries, childbirth etc. (I was on a special IV drip during labour). It's also important that people close to you know that you have it, so if you were in an car accident or something and were not concious, they could advise the hospital for you.

Other than that, in day to day life... I tend to forget it's there. :)