Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why me?????

Have you ever gone somewhere and the same things keep happening everytime you go? I mean you are trying to do something good or nice and it seems like you get nothing out of it? A friend of mine's mother I went to the funeral home tonight. Now, everytime I go to a funeral home I useally just know one person out of the I'm going to see that one person and pay my respects and let them know I'm praying for them and thinking of them...the bad thing is I will useally wait in line about 30 minutes to an hour and BAM...the person I want to talk to the only one I know up there amongst this grieving family has either walked away to go to the bathroom or to eat or to get a drink of water....and yes I'm stuck talking to strangers about how sorry I'am for thier loss and the person I came to see never even knew I was there until a week later when they read my name on the book. Yes, this happens everytime I go to a funeral. I'm starting to think this is not my thing. I always feel if I just run in I can let that person know how much I care.....but I never get to see that person.
OR......everytime I go to the mall, I go to this one department store...and the same women that works there is always working and will never wait on me. Not sure why...I can be there for 15 minutes browsing with things in my hand and she wont say a thing..BAM..someone else walks in she talks to them, why is this????Do I have written accross my face I'AM A LOSER?
OR.....there is this one lady at my church. She is a nice lady to everyone but me. She never speaks to me or looks at me or even acknowledges me....the problem here is her daughter is a friend of mine....this women wont even look at me..I have never even done anything to her.
OR....I will go out somewhere and get rammed in the back by strollers or buggies....what is up with this..why do people think they can get so close with thier strollers or buggies and not hit you? Then I turn around with soar red ankles and heels and they always have this cute little kid with them and they say SORRRRRRRY......AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I guess what I'm trying to say is some bad luck is good for us...but this happens all the time to me. And I keep picking myself back up and going back for more. Why do I do this?????
I'm not sure why I do this...but I can tell you one momma didnt raise a quitter or a loser or a wimp..and she always said to be kind to people, so I guess for the rest of my life I'll get pushed down...its whether I choose to get back up or not that will make me stronger.
There is another funeral I need to run by this week...........guess I should get a sitter.


mom of 2 said...

I'm so sorry...I totally feel for you. Sometimes I feel like that as well. But, those people who are rude to others in life can't be truly happy people. I think of myself as a truly happy person and yes, sometimes I'll get stepped on, but just like you I get right back up because that's just who I am. You'll get some good luck...hang in there!!!

Chappyswife said...

As long as you keep trying to do the right thing, you'll be okay. Our Heavenly Father is watching, & He is the One we need to please. The rest will fall into place.