Sunday, July 16, 2006

Me, the pool, & a bee

Well, good morning....this will be short. I have to get the family up and going for church this morning. The title today is Me, the pool & a bee. Yesterday I finally got Miller down for a nap and decided to lay in the pool some mommy down time..the temp has been 97 with a heat index of 115. So the pool feels like bath water. I get in on my raft and am very comfortable....humming a little tune when I hear this noise. Well, I ignore it, still foating and relaxing..Madison is inside watching a movie. My hair might I tell you was in a bun\ponytail....and I felt it was falling down so I go to straighten it up and something stings me. And I mean STING. It took my whole, swollen..and hurting bad.
I had to get out of the pool I had no idea what had stung or bit me. My hand in 60 seconds was as big as my head. I used to be allergic to bees, so I go into the house the only Benedryl we own is childrens form. So after I drink half the bottle...I feel a little better. I decide to go back outside to figure out what got me. As I search the pool and the surroundings I see nothing. I decide to get back in the pool on the raft when I check my ponytail, and realize the darn bee is stuck in my hair. I start screaming and yank(southern terms for pull) him out of my hair still screaming. As for my down time away from the kids,,,,at that moment Miller wont up from his nap. So pool time was over.
In the end....the bee is dead. My hand is fine...and well, I guess I will try the pool again this afternoon.


Sandra said...

Oh my Goodness, what a day for you, see the minute you try to get some rest away from the kids, something always happens LOL

Glad you're ok. Have a great sunday :)

Angie said...

Oh, so sorry about the bee sting...ugh!
Do we ever really catcha break?
So glad that you are alright! Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

Christina said...

How awful. I hate bugs. I can't believe the stupid thing was in your hair. Oh by the way I really like how you did the top of your blog. Let's hope I can figure it all out.