Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Baby

I have already talked to you about Madison so it is Miller's turn. Miller is the light of our life. See....Scott and I had decided one child was enough for us. We were through. No more babies. It's not that Madison was a bad baby..she was fine. It was me. I hated pregnancy, I hated not getting to go out to eat without a diaper bag, the pacie, my breasts, diapers, ect. I hated getting up in the middle of the night get the point. SO when I got stressed out at work one day and realized I wasnt getting any younger...I was turning 30 that year....I decided to get everything paid off and get my life started with a bigger family. Scott and I took a class at church a Dave Ramsey class...whom I adore. It worked 6 months later everything was paid off. 3 months later I was pregnant. We were so happy..we found out we were pregnant in Disney World. How exciting you say???? Well, it was. The most magical place on earth and I'm vomitting in bathrooms left and right. I still had a ball. We took a test before we left there and Madison said its like the commercial what a great little souvinier.....and thats what we called him until 14 weeks into this pregnany when we found out it was a he.....Scotts face that was a friday. The ultrasound guy says to us yep.....its a BOY. Finally scott got his quarterback, his pitcher, his rebounder, his golf champion,,,,,his all star. The look on Scott's face as Madison would say ....Priceless. And yes Madison was there. She just giggled alot when we saw his little "winky dink" she calls it. I quit my job when I was 8 weeks pregnant(I had some problems with the baby and stress was a factor) so Scott and I decided I would stay home earlier than expected and spend the summer with Madison. It was a great summer, just us. And we laid in the pool we went to the movies, some plays, and just were the "girls".
Miller was born on a Tuesday in the afternoon. Everyone was there...Labor lasted 10 hours, but was a piece of cake. I had lots of drugs. He was 8 pounds 9 ounces 1 week early. Madison was 9 pounds 1 ounce on her due date. Yes, I have big babies. But they are very healthy babies and I'm so blessed for this. We took him home on a Thursday and it was a very cold day in November. He is so precious. He smiled at 8 weeks. He got his first cold, and ear infection at 15 weeks. I stayed up all night watching him with that. He sat up by himslef at 5 months. Rolled over at 4 months, Pulled up at 7 months and now is crawling, cutting a tooth and says bye-bye and momma. He is such a great baby. He laughs and smiles and thinks we all hung the moon. He is the blessing we prayed for and boy we love so dearly. He is full of so much energy. His dislikes right now are having something taken away from him, having his diaper changed, being left alone longer thatn 2 minutes. His likes are watching the dog walk into the room, climbing up onto anything, opening drawers, and playing with the tupperware in the kichen. He is full of life and our special treasure. He is our baby......and we think the world of him.


Christina said...

He is an adorable baby!!!! Makes me want one!!! Your post made me smile to think how you decided to have another baby. You are very blessed, but I think you know that.

mom of 2 said...

That was such a sweet blog...and he looks like a sweet baby!! I have to say that I was terrible about keeping up with the milestones of our 2nd, Travis. Emily turned 3 the day after he was born, so keeping up with them evidently kept me pretty busy because I didn't keep great track of things with him...unfortunately! Thanks for sharing!!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hi Jen! My boys just go bigger each time until I had my girl. Stats:

Chaz 7lbs 0oz
Ryan 7lbs 5oz
Kyle 8lbs 9oz
Ivy 6lbs 13oz

Good think I didn't have another boy. Seems like they were getting bigger! (chuckle).