Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why do I worry?

Well, the school list is out. 8:30 this morning Madison and I en route to church to drop her off for the water park...go by the school to see the list.(a friend emailed me and told me it went out last night)
Anyway......Madison got a teacher I know nothing about(which could be good) and none of her friends are in the class. They busted up her friends. As Madison says...the nerve fof them....
I know you all have read about Madison and she is such a great kid...but being my only daughter and my oldest child...I still worry. She is concerned she wont see her friends. I keep telling her she will see them at cheerleading and ballgames and recess.....yet she was kind of bummed out.
Why do we as parents worry on top of thier worry? I'am the biggest worrier of all..I have a friend I'll call her S......(she is smiling right now fore she knows its her) and she always tells me to pray and leavet my worries with Jesus. And yet I do.....but my stomach rolls and I make my self sick and well, you can figue it out.
She really is a great kid. She loves life and school, and her friends.....she truely loves them and everything they are about. She knows a few kids in the class, more boys than girls.
Yet I sit here and pray for her to quit worrying pray she will be fine (which I know she will be) pray she clicks with someone in her class, and pray she studies hard and looks forward to those times with her friends.
I guess we as parents will always worry about then, whether it be a test they have studied hard for or a first date.....that five letter word will always be there....WORRY.
Madison...if your reading this I love you and know you will always succeed in everything you do....and I will be there for you on all of it.


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Our oldest daughter has had a couple of years now without a close friend at school. It is hard but it has forced her to realize school is not the only place she can make friends. She's got a couple of good friends from church so I'm happy about that. It has made her become content being at home - a very good thing in the long run. You sound like a very good mom, to me!

Barb said...

We worry because we want everything to flow smoothly for them. Of course that doesn't always happen. But the thing is, kids her age make new friends so easily. I'm sure within a couple of weeks she'll be chattering away, telling you all about her new friends.

Christina said...

It's probably a good idea to seperate them so that they are not chatty during class, you know how girls are? I used to worry all the time when we would make a move with the military. I would obsess and strees and lo and behold the first day at their new school they would come home and say "I like this new school better>" So what the heck was I stressing about in the first place.

mom of 2 said...

I think we worry because we are parents and we live in the world that we live in...which can be scary at times! I'm sure everything will work out fine...she sounds like a great girl who will make friends quickly!