Sunday, July 30, 2006

Papaw Dub

My papaw was a great man. My son Miller is named after him..that was papaws last name....Miller. Papaw passed away April 20th this year. He was such a giving man. He lost his wife at the age of 47 with 9 children to raise. He had been through alot and still was so strong. He raised 7 girls and 2 boys. He would tell you he wasnt perfect but in my eyes he was. He did the best he could with what little he had...His last years he devoloped Alhemiers and would forget things. This was hard on us because when faced with this we couldnt accept it. This man we had known our whole life didnt know us. I have such great memories of papaw. He lived next door to a preacher..and one day this preacher went to see papaw. He said "Dub do you have a personal realtionship with Jesus Christ? Papaw looked at him and said "of course I do you? Papaw then proceeded to sit down with him and talk to the preacher about Jesus. I loved hearing this story because papaw didnt go to church often.. he knew Jesus and talked to him. My mother was papaws caregiver his last few years. She struggles with his last weeks. He fought so hard to live for his kids but knew it was time to let go. Mamaw has been dead for 40 years...can you imagine the reunion they had? Heaven cheered that day.
My daughter was close to Papaw...she remembers when he had his mind and they joked together and laughed together. She took it very hard when he died. I took her to see him hours before he passed...this is what she said to him.."Papaw..its me Madison..papaw..if you can hear me squeeze my hand..(he did)...she then said..its okay to let go..the angels are waiting and Jesus is ready to celebrate your homecoming...its okay to let go...its time to go home. This is from my 9 year old.
When we left that night she had peace and told me he would be fine and she would see him again one day. She was right, we will see him again one home. Madison and I talk to papaw everyday when we say our prayers...we know he is listening.
Papaw died on a Thursday morning at was raining. The angels were crying with joy...papaw had come home.


Christina said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I was very close to my grandfather also, although he died a long time ago. I remember everything about him. That was something from a 9 year old. The wisdom of children.

Mrs Blythe said...

What a lovely story.

mom of 2 said...

That is so sweet...brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing that story!!

dot said...

Well shoot! Made me cry too. A beautiful story!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Just saw your comments today.