Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well, good morning. What a night. My 9 year old daughter is having some kind of sleep anxiety. She cant sleep. At 1am she was standing at the end of our bed saying mom...I cant sleep...what do I do? Well, when you have been dealing with this for 3 weeks now all you want to do is start screaming or pull the covers over your head....and pretend she will go away. So, my tired sleepy husband gets up and goes in to lay in with her so we can both the meantime..Miller the baby wakes up and I have to get up to rock. Mommy's get no do we function? So now I have my coffee.....second cup actually...and trying to get motivated. We have begged her to sleep on her own gave her things, promised things....I just am so tired I cant see straight. Of course when the baby gets up....I make her get up with me(in the am of course)
Speaking of the baby..he got his first haircut yesterday...I will post pictures today or tomorrow...he did so good...almost 8 months old and he had more hair than my husband did. So cute, but now he looks like a big boy...mommy dont like this!!!!!!!
Today is Saturday so I guess we will swim...yes we have a pool..the heat index today in Ky is 115...not swimming will cool us off.
I went down to the Farmers Market yesterday and got some fresh green I will put those on in a few minutes. I love fresh tomatoes also. YUMMY....
I'm going to be working on my bog throughout the to you later...enjoy your coffee today


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hi Jen,

All of our kids have gone through this at one point or another. I do not do well with interrupted sleep, so we just put a sleeping bag on the floor of our room - ready for when they come in in the night. It seems like it comes and goes in waves around here. It doesn't last forever, though. Hang in there!

Mrs Blythe said...

Hi I came via Sandra's blog. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'd love to tell you how to add links but I kind of did it by trial and error so I wouldn't want to advise. And BTW I looove coffee.

Come visit me at mine. Blessings.