Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My daughter.....Madison

My daughter is beautiful.....inside and out. She loves life and is full of life. She enjoys everything about it. She is very outgoing and has a fantastic personality. She can talk to anyone. Madison is very adventurous..she loves sports and any activity I will take her to. She has danced since she was 2 and played soccer since she was 4. She has in some point taken tennis lessons, a theatrical class and been 3 plays, she takes gymnastics, is a cheerleader for her school, and sings in the childrens choir at our church. She loves to go, go , go.
When we told her we were going to have another baby..her response was..awesome! Madison went to all ultrasounds and participated in all of the baby stuff. She was right outside the door when he was born and heard his first cry. She was the first to hold him. And she will be the first to tell you how much she loves him and is very protective of him. He thinks she hung the moon and vice versa. They are such a great pair.
School is starting back soon and we have had a great summer.....I will miss her during the day. Miller will really miss her. She is looking forward to school starting. The hustle and bustle will soon begin...lots of homework, boys, running and more running. But that is okay its what I'm suppossed to do..stay at home moms are suppossed to take care of thier family.
Madison is so outgoing and sweet and precious to us all.......
I love her with all my daughter..Madison.


Dee said...

What a precious post!!!!! My children are 6 1/2 years apart and my daughter (the oldest) adores her brother too! From birth, she was like a "little mommy" - of course now that he is 5 and she is almost 12; he adores her completely, but sometimes she needs some space! LOL!! However, NO ONE is allowed to "mess" with her brother. He is severely hearing impaired and has a speech disorder and she is VERY protective!!

Treasure these moments... there's nothing sweeter than the love between siblings!

Christina said...

She is beautiful, and what you said about her brought tears to my eyes. You have got to keep this and show this too her when she is older....By the way thanks for the coconut creamer recommendation, I am going to send my husband out later to see if he can find some, everything here in Hawaii is always last to arrive. It will probably be on the shelf a year before we get it, but you never know.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

That is so sweet! She sounds like a great young lady! It is so hard on the little ones (and mom!) when the big ones leave for school. Not looking forward to that here!