Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's daybook

FOR TODAY...Monday...May 24th

Outside my window...the sun is shining on the pool!

I am thinking...that I'am finally on summer vacation...finally.

I am thankful for....MOPS and friends.

I'am wearing...blank tank and shorts

I am remembering...that life is short and we must embrace it.

I am going....NOWHERE....YES NOWHERE.

I am reading...some magazines...playing catch up.

I am hoping... that I can get the house cleaned up so we can swim this afternoon.

On my mind... Summer. And all the things we will do. I'm posting some great ideas tomorrow.

From the learning rooms...writing Miller with a pencil.

Noticing that...May is almost over.

Pondering these words...Schools out!

From the kitchen...Chicken Skewers on the grill..with asparagus and rice...making brownies for one of Madison's teachers..

What are we doing this week.....Gymnastics, church, lunch with a girlfriend, t ball practice, 2 playdates for Miller,a nail appointment and hair appointment,the grocery, girls night to the movies, and friends over for a Memorial Day lunch.

Around the house..stripping sheets, vacuuming, cleaning up the house! LAUNDRY!

One of my favorite on the porch.

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Christina said...

I can't believe that summer is almost here. I know you will be doing a lot of swimming this year. We are going to get a lot in since it will be awhile before we can swim year round once again, but back to 4 seasons, so that's kind of nice.

Did you see the finale for Lost? What did you think? I loved the ending with the plane.