Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chit Chat

Okay so dont pass out. I know 4 days in a roll. Told you I was trying to get back into my writing. It's been awhile and life gets in the way. This week is quickly coming to an end and I'm glad as it has been a busy crazy week. Tonight Madison's soccer team goes to the Championships for the winner...we won last night in a nail biting game. So tonight we will battle it out for the trophy and the title of the Best.
I'm going grocery shopping today. Mom gave me some old cooking magazines to look at for the summer...alot of them are grilling we do alot of this in the summer.
The pool is in and done...the deck is being built. It should be finished today...I hope. Then we can enjoy the deck and I can start getting it together with flowers and deck furniture....yeah!
We have a crazy weekend...but I will save that for tomorrow to talk about.
Miller has only 2 days left of school and Madison I think has only 6. I'm ready to have them home!
I get to have lunch with my momma today...that will be our last lunch without kids till August...I enjoy spending time with mom.
I have a ton of laundry to get done. Being gone everyday and night this week I have slacked. No complaints yet from the family..I guess with me getting dinner done...they dont seem to care.
Well I need to run and get in the to you tomorrow.

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Christina said...

I too have been neglecting blogging lately. It seems that things always get in the way. I'm hoping Madison's team won the big game.

Sounds like you are going to do some great cooking this summer. Hope you are going to share the winning recipes.

School is out here in about 2 weeks.

Have a great week.