Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Fun Ideas

Now that school is out....here are some great ideas to take up time when the kids say they are bored!

Summer ideas

The lake areas…forgotten past, the homeplace, lbl, and dq for ice cream…

The roller skating rink


miniature golf

Vacation one day in Paducah..take a day with the kids and pack a lunch in the cooler and hit different spots..such as the park , the farmers market, the river front


Movies $1

On a rainey day do a Brady Bunch or Cosby Show Marathon…renting from the library.

McDonalds at Metroplois

The forts at fort massac in metropolis./picnic

Meals on Wheels…cook a meal for someone.

Burdette Park in Evansville, IN. a fun water park. Cheap

Spray park

Noble Parks movies at night once a week..take a dinner picnic and wait for the movie.

Museums in Paducah

Yard Sales..give the kids some money

Make sun tea, homemade pocicles and homemade ice cream

Wait for the ice cream man..do a lemonade stand

Paints on the sidewalk…water balloon fights, scavenger hunts

Take a walk with the kids early after they wake up…or before bath time at night.

Look up science experiments to do…

Make forts in the living room

Go to the zoo in St Louis…its free

Find a U Pick Farm

Plant a garden and watch it grow together

Buy disposable cameras and let the kids take pictures of each other then take them to develop them.

Wickliffe Mounds..take a picnic over to Columbus Belmont Park

Paducah Summer Festival Held In July…

Color Summer…get all the markers, paints and crayons you own out and color summer

Fly a kite…play Frisbee.

Horse Drawn Carriages on Saturday nights

Pack a picnic and go to Whitehaven and pretend we are on vacation. Go on a tour of Whitehaven.

Go down to the river front and walk the murals.

Market House Theater has several programs throughout the summer.


Trailboss said...

Jenn, Family Video (next to Paducah Middle School) has free movies for the kids. Educational and otherwise. Of course the library does too!

Christina said...

Wow you have some great ideas for the summer. It sounds like you are ready. Have fun and can't wait to hear more about your days.

Sandy said...

Great ideas as always, Jen! :)