Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Valentine Miller

Miller had his Valentines Party last week at school. He loved is sunglasses in his goodie bag.

And he really enjoyed his treat to eat.

Hope you all had a special day as well.


Tina Leigh said...

He is so handsome...I want to grab that face ( I do this to Lil Package all the time, cant help it)! Dont they grow up sooo fast! Danny & I gave Lil Package a goody bag. She LOVES chocolate (like her meme). Jen, I have to tell you what my son did. Chad (Lil Pack's daddy) went to buy her something for Valentine's Day. After MUCH discussion between Chad & Danny...Chad decided he would get Package candy, a toy & a bear for Valentines day. He came in with a big bag so I opened it up. He was so proud (Chad is just like his daddy...they are NOT good at buying gifts for women, lol). So in the bag I found a chocolate easter bunny, a pre-packaged easter basket with cute girl toys in it, and a big pink easter bunny! The boy was clueless that he had bought ALL EASTER STUFF!!!!!! We are still laughing about this!!!

Trailboss said...

What a handsome young man. Abby loves those sunglasses too. We have about a million pair around the house!

My Valentine's Day was not so good. Joe was in Ohio and didn't call me until late that evening. I didn't get to see my grandbabies because their mother is selfish and never called me back to find out when Steph and I could come over. By the time we found out it was way too late. I still have the presents and cards in my car. I am still upset with her which is not like me.

I was in Walgreens just before Valentine's day and saw a woman looking at the little kid boxes of cards. I told her that I missed those days. She quipped "I don't, I hate it!" I just looked at her like huh? Some people take things for granted I reckon.

Christina said...

Looks like he had a nice holiday. I love Valentine's day.

Thanks for the prayers for Hawaii. We only got small waves.