Monday, March 02, 2009


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For Today...March 2nd

Outside my is really cold. 30. And the high today is only going to be 38. But the sun will be shining so that makes up for it.

I am thinking...about taking a shower and getting ready.

From the learning rooms... we are buying herb garden seeds this week and planting them. I want Miller to see the herbs grow and show him how to take care of them.

I am thankful for... warm quilts and long naps

From the kitchen... Chicken Parmesan, calzones, breakfast one night, mixed berry cobbler, cookies (not sure what kind)

I am wearing...pajamas.

I am reading... cookbooks...I'm meal planning

I am hoping...Madison remembers her math book this afternoon. She has a test tomorrow.

I am creating... different ideas for our MOPS Tea Party

I am hearing...the clock tick. Miller is still sleeping and Scott and Madison are gone.

I'am thankful for....moments alone.

I'am Sam's Club today and to the post office along with lunch with Scott's grandma.

Around the house... laundry, cleaning the utility room out, stripping sheets and baseboards and of course bathrooms.

One of my favorite things... dreamcicles (orange and vanilla ice cream)

A few plans for the rest of the week... gymnastics, 2 bible studies, volleyball practice started, taking dinner to a friend, MOPS, the grocery, hair & nail appointment, cheer meeting, drama practice, and teaching Dave Ramsey

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.. This is Scott and Miller. Scott has been working really hard since the ice storm...12-13 hour days and this night Miller didn't hear him come home...and when he realized he was home he went and jumped into dad's arms so excited.....see his little boxer


Martha said...

Great list I love visiting you. The color blue, the cup of coffee and the water in the background, all very calming!

"Miss" Anita said...

Sounds like a BUSY week! Enjoy!

HSB Suzanne (aka "Miss" Anita)

Trailboss said...

Such a precious picture. I love going to Sam's except when I have to pay for what I buy! I don't think they have the neat taste tests during the week do they? I meant to buy the frozen bisquits when I was there last since the price has gone up so much at the regular store. I need to just figure out how to make them, it can't be that hard. I bet you make your own cause you're handy like that. In fact, I bet you are as handy as a pocket on a shirt!

Sarah said...

Sweet picture - hope he can be home more soon.

Love the dreamsicles - Stewart's Orange Cream soda is like a dreamsicle in a bottle. Yumm.

Have a great week!

Tina Leigh said...

Sounds like you and Scott's Grandma have bonded. I love sr.s...they have good stories & they are always loving & encouraging.

Jerralea said...

Aww, what a cute picture! And I love dreamsicles too ...

Hope all goes well for you this week.

Michelle said...

what a sweet pic!!

Becky said...

That is such a great list. Herb gardens, warm quilts, long naps, MOPS tea parties, and that picture is adorable. Thanks for sharing your day. It sounds wonderful.