Friday, August 10, 2007

My Girlfriends

Friends. We all have them. I have several girlfriends I went to school with and still keep in touch with...I have mentioned some of them before. I have alot of friends from church. I have several friends from past jobs and old neighborhoods. We have lived here almost 3 weeks and over 6 families have welcomed us to the neighborhood. We are very blessed.
My definition of a friend is someone who listens to everything you say whether its worth hearing or not. A friend goes to coffee with you even if you come with a stroller and have had no shower and your wearing flip flops and a scrunchie in your dirty hair. A friend comes over after work with no dinner to help you arrange your living room furniture...and stays until 9pm helping you out. A friend helps you move into a new home...brings you wonderful gifts even though you told them not too....a friend calls and offers you meals after a baby is born and comes and sits with you while you and baby sleep. A friend makes you a pie you are craving while pregnant.....and lets you eat the whole thing. A friend leans on you and lets you lean on them. A friend lets you call them at work and vent about something that really wont matter a year from now.....but it does at that moment. A friend helps you with child you advice and opens your eyes to things you cannot see. A friend prays for you and with you. A friend celebrates with you and goes on trips with you and laughs with you.

You see I have a handful of the most brilliant, thoughtful, strong willed, compassionate loving, and wonderful women friends you could ever ask for.......Thank you God........I'm so blessed.


Our Family of Five said...

You are indeed very blessed! Any of us who have those kinds of relationships in place in our lives are soooo blessed. This was a great post. Very well written!

Our Family of Five said...

Oh, you asked about what part of the panhandle.......about two and half hours west of Tallahassee. (Not that far from Destin, Do you know where that is?)

Tammy and Parker said...

Friends are what have gotten us through so much with Parker the last couple of years.

We, too, are very blessed.

USAincognito said...

You are blessed to have a great group of ladies to get together with. I am still in search of that here where I live.