Monday, August 27, 2007

A little crazy

So I got a little crazy the other day.....mouthed off a bit. I do get aggravated when my comments go down. But I have prayed about it. And I know in my heart I do this for myself and my children so one day they an read about mom's crazy adventures....but since I left that post I have had 200 views.....I know some are family and friends who keep up with me.....okay...enough about blogger!

This week as usual friends things are crazy/ is my to do list.

1. Head Room Mom meeting was my info and ran.

2. Hair, and Nails to be done....and scheduling a bikini wax....its not that bad.....I'll write more on this later.

3. MOPS meeting with kids.....say a prayer.

4. Taking 2 meals to friends...Nate is home and we are feeding him tomorrow night and Wednesday night a friend of mine M is on bed rest and her husband is a pilot and gone some enough said...she and her 2 boys need to eat.

5. Need to be at school 2 mornings for a fund raiser...only one hour a day...Miller goes with me one day..this ought to be fun.

6. Got a guy coming to talk to us about Mortgage insurance one night.....I sold it I need it.

7. Cheerleading practices and Gymnastics this week.

8. Meeting at church for Madison's youth program..they want Scott to be a Discussion Group Leader for 5th grade boys...may I quote...Scott will be the cool dad plus these may be the boys Madison will date..he needs to know what our youth pastor said on the phone....I'm also helping with this.....we go for our kick off meeting Sunday night.

9. Cooking for our parents this weekend.....for being so loving while we waited to get in our home.

10. A luau birthday party Sunday afternoon for a friend of mine's baby turning 1......whoo hoo!

11. THE BIG and my girlfriends......(8) of us are going to a ranch for a slumber party Friday night I cannot wait!!!! Much needed gossip, laughing until we cry and maybe a few uncensored drinks.......ahem.

So......I'm busy as usual.....but I love life that way and if you know me.....and I wasn't busy or nuts....well.....oh well.

I'am blessed for those of you who come visit me and comment. I pray for you daily.....and I thank God for bringing you into my life......I look forward to our chats....


Our Family of Five said...

Wow, and I thought my list was crazy!! You're a busy busy lady! :)

We wouldn't be called 'mom' if it wasn't like that, would we? :)

gail@more than a song said...

You are one busy girl! But that's usually the way things are with kids and activities and these are the good days, I know you enjoy it all. And a girls slumber party for the weekend, what FUN!

Tina Leigh said...

I had time to answer my e-mail Sunday but I have had no blog time in a week, no over a week. I woke up at 3A.M. sneeezing so....cant get back to sleep before getting up at 5!Blah! I haven't forgot you.....I hope to catch up tomorrow.

Paige said...

There is nothing better than being with girlfriends!

SouthernBell said...

So busy and so blessed!
Come check out my weekend trip to see my brothers.

mom of 2 said...

You are definitely crazy busy!! I think if I had that much to do my head might explode! lol

Hope your week is a good one!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Boy, Jen. I thought I was busy but this to do list makes me feel like a lazy slug. LOL

That slumber party sounds absolutely wonderful! Good for you. If you get all the rest of this stuff done this week, then you certainly deserve a break with your girlfriends. :-)

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

PS - I forgot to tell you, I totally love that flamingo picture!

Sandra said...

Ok seriously, I thought I was busy but good grief.....LOL

Let us know how the slumber party goes ;)

Overwhelmed! said...

Jen, you are crazy busy!! How do you do it all? :)

KJ said...

Nice to meet you! Shelby dropped by blog which let me to hers. She listed you as a new discovery and I would say she is right. I always like the saying, "Instant human being; just add coffee." Coffee and tea are constant companions!

I love hearing your Faith shared through this blog. I am the Women's Leader at my church, so I know "busy".

Thanks for a lovely visit!


Mimi said...

thank you for visiting my blog today.. it was so very nice to have you drop by...
I will be visiting you I love your blog.. so keep the coffee pot on!