Monday, July 05, 2010

Where in world have I been????

The family on the Pirate Cruise!

Wondering where I have been? Enjoying summer. I thought I would be blogging more..but I barely have time to clean house. The kids have me going to the movies, swimming, small trips, eating lunch out....and its only July!

Here is where I have been....

The pool of course...we are in it daily...mostly afternoons

The beach...just got back. Went for a week before oil hit the beautiful beaches...we had a great time!

Picnics....with friends.

Lunches with friends.

The movies

Alot of play dates. Alot!

Coming up we still have cheer conditioning....fall tball.....and fall soccer.

I'm trying to enjoy what is left. We go constantly.

Madison goes back to school in a month...which to me is crazy. Miller goes back in a month and a half....and that seems crazy as well.

As for me...I'm trying to keep myself exercising. Walking 2-3 miles a day. Doing yoga. Sit ups.
Watching great shows on tv....taking care of my garden....and enjoying my family. We still have a ton of stuff left to do this summer. I'm going to try and keep you all informed...try is the word. You know what its like to come off of vacation. I'm tired....need to clean my house and finish un packing. I need motivation!


Tina Leigh said...

That is the reason I havent been blogging! There is always so much to do & I am never ahead!! When Little Package comes, which is usually every other week...i drop whatever....I cant stand to have to DO anything if it takes away from being with her!! And girl is is soooooooo hot here!!!!

Karen said...

It sounds like you are doing just what you should be -- enjoying summer to the fullest! It's good to have an update from you!