Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chit Chat

I cannot believe school will be starting in two weeks. I just cannot believe it. We went back to school shopping for supply's the other day. Still need to go for clothes I guess. That will be an all day event.
Today we have a play date at the movies and the new Chick Fi La. They have a new awesome play area. Going with my sweet friend and her daughter. I enjoy our talks. She is the kind of friend who you can just sit and say nothing and walk away smiling.
Working on my next meal planning. trying to plan out of the cabinets right now...I have so much meat and canned goods and fresh veggies in the garden...why not.
Madison has gymnastics tonight...so I'm running as usual.

I hope you are enjoying your last days of summer vacation. We plan on swimming this afternoon!

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Karen said...

Wow, back to school is early for you! My kids start on Aug 18th and Aug 23rd. We registered Em today for a new school. She's really excited and a little nervous. We need to go shopping for school supplies and clothes soon, it will put some fun into it!