Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Where I have been

I haven't posted in awhile. We have been so busy. With Madison cheering we are gone every night during the week. It's crazy. I make lists and cross off and go. I like to control everything and when my week gets out of control with events, games, appointments, etc I get aggravated.
This week is crazy so i thought i would share a few things with you..

* hair appointment for me
* game tonight at home
* picture day for madison
* lunch with a friend
* cheer practice
* church starts up tomorrow night...im teaching 3 year olds
* pre school twice
* wine tasting with a gal pal
* gymnastics practice
* tailgating before a football game
* a party at a friends house
* a dance for madison to go to
* sunday school picnic
* helping a friend greet at church for Financial Peace...
* trying to figure out our wardrobe for family pictures at church
* searching for pirate costumes for the halloween party at Disney that we will be attending
* music project for school
* housewarming gift to be bought.
* madison a new mattress

that is just this week. one week. so that is where i have been. alot of you have emailed me on a personal note on my tests i got back. im fine...no problems. Thanks for being so concerned and for the prayers.
Our Sunday School class is growing so much...we have 27 on roll. Praise God. Its a great bunch of people. We have activities planned out and really have enjoyed making new friendships.
I have been finalizing our trip to disney World in 4 weeks. We are headed out for 10 days....going to St Augestine Fl then heading down to Orlando to meet up with Mickey mouse. This will be Miller's first trip...cannot wait. I have searched the internet now for a year looking for all kinds of tips.....

It's raining here hard now...I need to get Miller to school...hope you all have a blessed week...I'm going to try and come see you all one evening.


Karen said...

How fun, pirate costumes for Disney! Your kids are going to have a ball. Do you get to wear a costume too?? That would be fun! Glad to hear all is well with you. I love this time of year -- busy but all good stuff.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I cannot imagine having all of that on my plate for one week! Goodness gracious, Jen, I don't know how you do it :) So much of it sounds fun though, so I know you guys will have a great week!

Disney coming up, that sounds awesome, I know you must be getting so excited!

Barb said...

I don't know how you accomplish a list like that in one week, Jen. My word, you're the busiest person I think I've ever known!

Christina said...

Wow that is quite a busy schedule. At least you have built in lunch and wine tasting, otherwise you could burn out.

Praise God that your tests came out fine.

Disney sounds like a blast. I used to go all the time because I have many relatives in Florida. I love it and Miller is going to be in awe. Praying for your safe trip and that you have a great time while there.

Rona's Home Page said...

Have a great time on your trip.