Monday, September 21, 2009


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FOR TODAY ..... Monday....September 21st, 2009

Outside my is dark. And very wet and quiet.

I am thinking....of how sick Scott has been. High fever no other symptoms.

I'am praying for... my family.

I am thankful many bible studies our church has to offer.

From the learning rooms...playing alot of games. Miller loves High Ho Cheerio, the match game and tic tac toe....I'm looking for Chutes and Ladders this week to teach him.

From the kitchen....Baked Ravioli, Chicken Pot Pie, Taco Soup, Steaks on the grill one night and Mini Brownies

I am green pajamas...I love getting new pajamas and throwing out the old.

I am creating...I finally finished my Disney Binder.....3 weeks to go.

I am pick up dog food, and a few movies for Scott.

I am reading....Women who care...still...its been crazy so I havent got to read much.

I am family stays healthy.

I am hearing....the television on already.

Around the house...bathrooms are a must, laundry, making beds, dusting, and cleaning floors, cleaning out some drawers in bedrooms...starting with mine.

One of my favorite things...all the fall creamers coming out.

A few things this week..... Cheer practice, one game, gymnastics, preschool, Prayer at the Pole Wednesday morning at church, teaching my class Wednesday night, searching for Halloween Pirate costumes for the kids, lunch with a friend, putting together our outfits for church directory pictures, and hanging out with Scott while chaperoning the school dance this weekend.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
No picture this week...i need to download some new ones!


Karen said...

Your list of chores could be mine. My house needs attention -- lots of attention. It's rainy and cold today. Chicken potpie is on the menu for tonight.

Sandy said...

Praying for healthy family here too - only one sick so far.

Your food sounds yummy!