Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Cup of Cheer

I thought I would start posting on different things for Christmas. I posted some favorite recipes yesterday and thought today I would give you some ideas to get you in the spirit of Christmas. I have read on several blogs people not in the mood for the holiday. Maybe this will help some.

Be the first to wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas.

Go see a small town Christmas parade.

Don't count calories from December 15th through January 2nd.

Mend a broken relationship with someone during the holidays.

Take a basket of goodies to a notoriously grumpy neighbor.

Be nice to sales personnel. They're often wearier than you are.

Don't schedule yourself too tightly during the holidays. Before making an appointment, ask yourself, "Can this wait until after Christmas?"

Take a holiday family photograph each year in the same spot, such as by a favorite tree in your yard. In years to come, you'll have a wonderful record of the growth of your family, as well as of the tree.

Make an effort to attend every Christmas party you're invited to, even if you can only stay a few minutes.

Adopt a needy family for the holidays. Let members of your family buy a present for the person closest to their own age.

Fill your house with the holiday fragrance of cloves, orange peel, and cinnamon sticks simmering on the kitchen stove.

Don't despair if you are short of cash. Be creative. Looking back, you'll discover that the Christmases when you had the least money were the ones that left you with the best memories.

Let go of a problem you can't solve. Enjoy the season.

Hang a favorite Christmas ornament from your car's rear view mirror.

Sprinkle confetti in your Christmas card envelopes.

Chill a dark sheet of construction paper. Take it and a child outside and rediscover the wonder of snowflakes.

Take a basket of goodies to your local fire and police stations.

Wear a smile and a Santa hat when you walk through the mall.

If a child gives you a homemade gift, convince him it's your favorite gift of all.

Purchase a special Christmas sweater and wear it often.

Choose a Christmas tree that's a little too big for the room.

Tie a wreath with a big red bow to the grill of your car.

Organize a progressive dinner.

I will have some more closer to December to help remind us of this special holiday. But try to remember it's not the traffic jams or running through the malls after that one toy.....focus on others.....that is the one gift we all really truly want after all.

Talk to you all tomorrow...I'm off to do some Christmas shopping.


GiBee said...

Okay -- what do you do with the construction paper? You put it in the freezer than go outside with it? This sounds interesting ... please expand on this idea!! ;-)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm loving all the Christmas posts you are doing! I hope you have a successful shopping trip!
It's starting to look like Christmastime around here - we got a ton of snow last night.... You know where the kids and I will be today! :)


Karen said...

Have fun shopping! I'm slowly getting the house decorated and we're cutting our tree this weekend.

Sandra said...

Love all your christmas posts Jen :)

I've already got my tree and decorations up, yes, early this year but seeing that we're still in the 80's and 90's I felt I needed to do this to REMIND me that it is supposed to be cold and christmas LOL

Have a wonderful shopping trip,

Kiy said...

What a wonderful list. I especially love the idea of goodie baskets for local fire and police departments. That is going to the TOP of my to-do list.

Thank you for the wonderful ideas,


Kathleen Marie said...

What a fabulous list! So sweet! We have been to two parades and are planning a Christmas party...Wonderful! You have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hugs!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Great ideas! We actually have a tradition of what we call, "I Saw It First." It's a list of Christmas things....parades, nativity, etc...and when you see one of these things, you note the date and time AND take a picture..bonus points if your in the pic. Most things FIRST wins!

Our Family of Five said...

This is excellent advice. Love all the reminders. Have fun shopping! :)

Tina Leigh said...

ly like to do the picture every year BUT...........Why do men have to be so disagreeable about having their picture taken?!?!?!!!