Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Wild around here.

It's Friday. It has been so busy around here since we last talked. I officially have a middle schooler. We registered last night. God help us. It wasn't that bad. I was nervous though. I guess there isnt much I can do about it but encourage her and pray for her. We went and saw the Goonies last night at the park under the stars....pretty cool. We really enjoyed this. Miller stayed the might at mimi's house so it was us and Madison and two other couple friends of ours.
Today we have a playdate at the church with MOPS and I need to finish up the consignment clothes on hangers. Madison is throwing her Back to School Party tonight at the club so we have to pick up balloons and pizza's and cookies and some candy. She is really excited about this.
Tomorrow....we are sleeping in. We have friends coming over for dinner so I will prepare some things and Madison has a party to go to so things are getting crazy. Sunday we will go to the pool and rest.
I'm trying to get around and see alot of you.....bare with me....have a great day!


Trailboss said...

Busy young mommy. I'm glad you got your baby registered. The school she will attend is a good one. I am assuming it is the one on Bleach road. All of my kiddos went there. My youngest finished up at LOES. They are both good schools.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You are flying low, aren't you! But, it sounds like you are having fun. :) A middle-schooler! That sounds so old... sniff. But I am sure she is going to do great and exceed expectations!

Enjoy today for all it is!


Christina said...

Middle school is a big step but I am sure it will be fine. It won't take long for you to adjust. I pray Madison has a great time with this new learning experience.

Trailboss said...

I was wrong, she will be going to the middle school between LOES and LOHS. Silly me. It gets harder in Middle School as I am sure you are well aware.