Friday, October 06, 2006

Its Friday....finally!

Well, Good Morning everyone. I haven't posted in two days...been really busy around here. Miller is sick....again..another ear infection and snotty nose, Madison has had a very bad soar throat. And, Scott is coughing. I feel fine, just need some sleep...yes I still am up half the night with Miller. On the lighter note, Madison is dong really well in school. I'm so proud of her. We have alot going on this weekend, family things.

There is alot going on in Blogville.......Overwhelmed with Joy is hosting a Holiday Recipes...Blogger Style....on Mondays and well, if you ask me....I loved this past was great to see all the different recipes. Gibee @ Kisses of Sunshine is hosting a Holiday Homemade with Love on October 23rd.....this sounds like loads of fun and cant wait....
and Sandra @ Diary of a stay @ Home mom is hosting a Holiday Traditions on November 1st....this one will be fun to read. There is alot going for the holidays and I have been going though recipes and trying to get organized (might to get Laura to help me with this one)..
I look forward to spending the holidays with each of you. It will be so exciting. Don't you think?

Well, I'am going to post my 5 Ingredient Friday below........and then I'm going to post my Thursday 13..yes its late...but better late than never.
This week...I decided to do a drink. This tea has always been made at Christmas, Easter, New Years, any BIG family get mom makes it and it is wonderful. Go visit more @ Overwhelmed with Joy

House of Grace Tea

1 cup of sugar
2/3 cup of instant tea
3/4 cup lemonade (I use Countrytime)
1/4 cup of white grape juice

Add 1 gallon of water to all ingredients and mix....add a slice lemon to each glass.

13 Things about me.....AGAIN....

1. I love it when it snows alot......

2. I love the smell of the ocean

3. I love to drink wine with friends (a casual drink)

4. I once wanted to be a teacher

5. I want to travel to Ireland with my family one day

6. I can eat my weight in Mexican food

7. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving

8. My mom is my best friend

9. When I was 31 weeks pregnant with Miller....I had a lump taken out of my was fine...but very scary

10. I love haunted houses and ghost stories

11. I love the old south...plantations and stories of years gone by

12. I love to hold hands with Scott

13. I love watching my kids play together.

There you have it......hope you got to know me a little better....

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend.......
I'll be back on Monday.


Magi said...

That tea sounds very refreshing!

Kathleen Marie said...

I love tea and this is something I will definitely try. Thanks bunches!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, the tea sounds delicious! What a neat combination of recipes.

Thanks for participating in my Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange. I do appreciate it!

Overwhelmed! said...

By the way, sorry to hear that your family hasn't been feeling well. I hope they get better soon!

mom of 2 said...

I'm really looking forward to the Holidays...our favorite time of year around here!

The tea sounds absolutely delicious!!! My favorite is sweet tea with lots of lemon, so I'll have to try your recipe!!!

Love the Thursday 13...we are so much alike!! Have a great weekend!!

Dee said...

Glad you are back --- but I am sorry to hear about the family being sick. I sincerely hope you stay healthy - Mommies don't have sick days, ya know?!?! :)

Yum - the tea sounds quite yummy - I will have to check it out!

Larae said...

Yum, it sounds great! Thanks for sharing =)

patsy said...

hay ky. gal post me some photos of your country side. i will be every in your dept.

Brony said...

I think I will try that tea right away.
Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

I could eat my weight in Mexican food too. LOL And it's so nice that your mom is your best friend.

It occurred to me recently how much fun it's going to be sharing the holidays with each other - just another nice thing about blogging, right?

Judi said...

I can TOTALLY eat my weight in mexican food too! It is the best. :)

org junkie said...

Hello! Sorry didn't get over here yesterday and here you had a great post waiting for me to read. Of course I'll be glad to help you, in fact my Saturday Solutions post today is about organizing recipes...too funny! So one question, what is instant tea? Is it like iced tea mix? Please let me know cause this sounds delicious. Have a great weekend and I hope your family feels better soon. Laura

Christina said...

I'm sorry to hear your hubby and kids are not feeling well. I hope it doesn't last long.

The teas sounds yumm-o. I can't wait to try it. I have so many new recipes to try from you and a few other bloggers that I won't need to use a cookbook for a year at least.

I love your 13. I too love lots and lots of snow, although I haven't seen much snow in quite a few years. Haunted houses and ghost storeis are one of my favorite pastimes, and the South, Oh how I love the South and Plantations. I love to drive through states like Virgiania and see the houses and meet the people who dole out much Souther Charm. I read a lot of books about romance in the South.

I will pray for you all at church tomorrow and hope you get some rest.

I am glad to hear Madison is doing well in school. School is hard these days so it's awesome how she likes school and learning.

Sandra said...

That tea sounds delicious :)

Sorry to hear your hubby and kids are not feeling well.

I can totally eat my weight in Mexican food's dangerous :)

Hope you're having a wonderful sunday, sorry I've been so late in visiting all my favorite blogs :)


Pattie the Domesticator said...

OK...if I hung out with you, I would weigh like 1,000 lbs! I think I could eat my weight in Mexican food, too! :)