Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's a beautiful morning. I'm drinking my coffee and watching the sun rise. I have laundry going and cinnamon rolls baking. I'm gonna go for a run after I take Miller to school. We had a crazy night last night. Scott got side swiped but a big truck. He is ok. But getting that phone call. That's why I need to go for a run. To shake it off.

I need to clean my desk up. I need to fold laundry. I need to make some phone calls..... I need I need I need!
I really just want to sit here with my coffee and rest.

On the bright side besides soccer practice tonight we will all be here for dinner. First time since Sunday!

Routines and schedules get messed up. I'm glad that I'm getting older so I handle them getting messed up a lot calmer.

How do you handle it when things get shook up?

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Karen said...

I've learned to go with the flow more as I get older, too. I have to really work at planning, but find that I'm calmer when I have a plan rather than winging it. Seems odd, but if my plan gets disrupted I can adjust it. But if I'm winging it and I get distracted everything falls apart. Good post, I never really thought about this before:)