Thursday, March 18, 2010

One door

So this week like the past couple of weeks have been fast and crazy.Last week was so scary and critical closing that door and opening this weeks door was so easy until Tuesday. I thought this week would be a little less stressful... it wasn't. Let me explain it...

Tuesday...was spent running errands and picking Madison up from soccer practice. When I arrived she was setting out. She hobbled over to the car and all I could think of was....what has she done to herself...she got into the car and said while running... her hip just gave out. GREAT! So we went home and made an appointment with our family chiropractor.
She applied ice and laid around whining all night...she is good at that.

Wednesday...I took her to the chiropractor and he took x rays and I looked at them. Her hip is 2 inches out of alignment...which is making her spine look like te leaning tower of Piza. And her tail bone is broke. I just sat there...with cheer try outs in 2 weeks....I looked at him and said...Can she be fixed in 2 weeks? He asked why...and I told him of cheer try outs. He took her out of soccer this week to rest her hip. Games are not for 3 weeks so its better to have her at 100% than 75%...He told me he would have her fixed by then....but we had to listen to him!
So he adjusted her...and she came home hurting...we applied more ice and Ibuprofen.

Today...went back to him. Adjusted her again...she is feeling much better. Just taking it easy from physical activity.
She is going on a church retreat this weekend. So I still need to pack her stuff....go to the some laundry and clean the house.
I guess I will do this tomorrow...because right now. I just want a glass of wine and dinner and to watch some UK Basketball with my spouse.

Say a prayer she feels better soon please.
I need a quiet weekend....some down drama.

Like I said before...when one door closes...another one opens...esp with children and life.


Christina said...

I will say a prayer for Madison. It's a good thing you got her to the chiropractor right away. I'm sure this helped. I will pray for the weekend to be quiet for you also. I know how crazy things can get, especially when you have kids and sports.

Susanne said...

Ouch. Praying she recovers quickly.