Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The last couple of days

We went to church tonight. I went into the sanctuary and the lights were still off. I got on my knees and thanked God for last week. I haven't been on here in awhile and this is why.

Last week went like this....on Tuesday I had a hair appointment and had to go back twice as my hair and hormones are going crazy. The second time going back required Miller going with me. He was actually good. Then I had to get Madison at soccer practice and cook dinner..which in all wasn't that bad of a day. (By the way...she made the school soccer team!!!)

Wednesday I had a nail appointment lunch with Scott a cheer meeting for next year and soccer practice....then church and home to eat leftovers...still not that bad of a day.

Thursday was the day. I took Miller to school. had my annual mammogram. Went to the grocery had lunch with my momma. Picked up Miller at school. Picked up Madison from soccer practice then took Madison to gymnastics and then I got the call. The Doctors office phoned me on my cell to tell me my mammogram had come back with something. As I was driving down the road I had a complete peace come over me. I was stuttering yet in complete peace. She wanted me to come in on Friday. I told the nurse I would not be able to come in until Tuesday. The reason for this is as follows.....

Friday Madison found out she made the Middle School Soccer Team. We celebrated at home with dinner and each other.

And on Saturday was Madison's 13th Birthday Dance. We had over 60 kids and a beautiful cake that I will post one day next week about...the DJ did awesome and she had a blast. You see I didn't want bad news and I didn't want to fake my happiness for her when we cut the cake to the song...In my Daughters Eyes by Martina Mc Bride. I didn't want to regret anything or wonder all weekend. My peace not knowing was still with me. I believe Jesus was with me.

See you think alot about your life when you get one phone call that could change it all. You start to think about Bucket Lists and things you should have said or did. You start to think about your family, your kids, your spouse your momma.

This weekend was spent with my children enjoying my daughters birthday bash..watching er smile for 3 hours straight....loving her hug my neck and saying thank you mom you rock.

On Tuesday I went for an ultra sound still feeling at peace. Knowing God was walking in there with me. I never cried or thought negative. 10 minutes later they said it was fine. A tissue lay over. That was it. I dressed and smiled and praised God for the peace and the light and my life.

So tonight as I walked through our church sanctuary and got on bended knee I thanked him. I thanked him for all he had given me. I praised him for all he has of made me. And I promised to forever be faithful to him.

Ladies....get your mammograms.....hug your family and thank God for everything.

Be still and know that I'am God Psalms 46:10


Trailboss said...

This post was one of your finest ever Jen. It truly was. The Lord walks with us daily, never leaves our side. He answered many prayers this week regarding my son and a situation someone was trying to accuse him of (he was completely innocent).

I am so glad the results were fine. What a relief!

Karen said...

What an inspiration this post is, as you always are to me. You are such a woman of faith. I'm so glad the results were fine. And I can't wait to see photos of Madison's party and that cake!

Love you,

Tina Leigh said...

I was thinking I might have to call the police if you didnt post something soon (and or if I couldnt get you on facebook). Can you imagine how that call would sound to the cop taking the report....blogger friend in south ga.....etc, etc!

I knew something had to be going on....and the post was worth the wait!!
On the human side I say THANK YOU LORD that all is well with you...but on the spirtual side, well NOTHING is more encouraging than hearing a sister sharing her FAITH in & PRAISE for The Master in such a week!
GOD is good ALL the time...All the time GOD is good!!

Thanks for sharing with us Jen & I am really thankful that you are OK & that you have such a wonderful relationship with The Father!

Christina said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I am glad that you are fine. I'm happy to hear that God was with you through this ordeal.

Sounds like Madison had an awesome party and it was nice to hear that you rock from your daughter.

Lesa said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! We sing this every Sunday and never really think about the words until He gives us a wake up call. Glad all is well and that He gave you that sweet peace that passes all understanding!