Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life goes on.

It's a nice crisp morning here. The air is cool. It's quiet outside. i had coffee on the porch listening to the neighborhood wake up. I had my winter robe on to keep me warm. I was thinking of yesterday and being with our family. I have such a loving family. We really are there for one another. As I drank my coffee.....I prayed to the Lord to take care of us...protect us and get us through this death...I know he will. My faith is strong.

Today is a new day. Life does go on. When you are in a state of keeps on going all around you. It's hard to imagine...but it does. So...I need to get caught back up on my life.

For today..................

I need to get my hair done this morning...a treat for me.

Run some errands and cook a meal for a friend who has lost a loved one.

Strip sheets and dust the bedroom.

Maybe grab a much needed nap.

Go to the post office

Run to Hobby Lobby.

The days are feeling much more like fall everyday. My dear friends sent me two beautiful mums to the funeral home and they are on my porch. It's time to start getting my fall stuff out.
Have a good day everyone!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope you get that nap, Jen.

Enjoy the snap in the air! The stores all have Fall-ish things on the shelves but in no way does it look like Fall here. :) But, that is okay...

I'm still thinking and praying for you.


Trailboss said...

It is a beautiful day isn't it? I hope you enjoy your day and that nap would be a good thing.

Sandra said...

I hope you have a wonderful day Jen and get that nap in too :)

I've started decorating for fall even though here it doesn't like it at all, it's still summer LOL

Karen said...

It's so like you -- in the midst of your own sorrow to still reach out and do something for another. I wish we lived closer, because I would bring you a nice homecooked meal. I agree with everyone. Make sure you get your nap:) xoxo

gail@more than a song said...

Hope your day goes well and you ease back into things. The cooler weather has been nice! Although it's starting to get hot here again, the mornings are nice.
Hobby Lobby sounds fun!

Tina Leigh said...

Package and I went to visit a friend who just lost her husband of 44 years. This couple is precious to me for many reasons. This man and another man (that is my spiritual dad)...(if that made any sense at all) met every monday night and had prayer for about 3 hours...they did this for about 6 years. I am sick abou it all but like you say, God is in control. We are still blessed tho, me and you, and we both realize it.

Christina said...

I hope you are feeling a little better. It's so strange to me how life just keeps on moving after a loss when it seems that everything is at a standstill. Such a weird feeling. Anyway I will pray for you and your family that God will help you get through this loss.