Thursday, May 31, 2007

We are finally gone

We are at mom's. We handed the keys over early. Can you believe a pipe busted under the house the day before we handed the darn keys over?????? Scott took a half a day off to help the guy fix it.....I went into over time stress alert.
It's kind of weird being at my mom's home again. I keep thinking I have a curfew or something.
We close next week still....and I get to go shopping for new floors and furniture this up coming week. The kids are adjusting better than I thought. Although my dog is confused. I think Miller thinks we are going home and keeps saying go go go ?????
I hope you all are well....I just got internet running at mom's and our own phone line.....(it's a good thing I sleep with the phone man...LOL) For those of you that dont know this..Scott works for AT&T......I'll come visit you all this weekend....Have a great Friday


gail@more than a song said...

What a huge task you just got through, all that packing & moving! Hope you have a restful weekend Jen.

Chappyswife said...

Congratulations on selling your home, Jen! I am way behind on all the news. I hate being behind. Yes, I've heard of stuff like pipes busting, etc. right before people hand over their homes. The previous owners broke our garage door on the day we were supposed to take possession.

I know it's stressful right now, but at least it's temporary. Hang in there, girl!

Glass Half Full said...

Ok, I have finally caught up on my blogroll!! :) YIPPEE!!

Moving and all...lots of things have happened. Hope you have a restful weekend and settle soon enough.


Barb said...

This time will pass more quickly than you think, Jen. And thank goodness your mom is there for you.

I'd be soooo excited about that furniture shopping! I can't wait to hear all about the new house.

Anonymous said...

Oh that would be stressful! I'm glad you're getting semi-settled at your mom's though. TheBeast gets her tubes Friday. I don't think it'd be a good time to meet though, some people have told me she might be cranky the rest of the day.

Sandra said...

It's exciting to go shopping for new furniture isn't it?

So glad it's finally done and I know what you mean about being at your mom's house, I always feel like I revert back to being 15 years old LOL

I know it's stressful but you'll be fine, we're just now getting ready for ours, only about 2 more weeks and then it's our turn :)


Pattie said...

OK! So, the first hard part is over. You know, we lived with my parents for a few months while we sold one house and waited for the new one to be completed. I understand what you mean by feeling weird living back in your parents house again. The nice thing is, you'll have an extra pair of hands to help you out...maybe even get to sneak off here and there alone or just you and "the phone man" *LOL*