Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Official.... We Are Moving.....Now Say a Prayer

Today....I'm having a yard sale...yes I have lost my mind. I don't know why I do this. You have a yard sale and say "I'm never taking my time to do this again for about $100"...and wham you do it again. Yes....I'm stupid. And to top that off...I'm doing it again tomorrow. It's official.....I'm an idiot.

We are however moving........Hooray. On the dark side.....we give up our home next Saturday morning....and cant get into our new home until June 8th. So for one week.....we will be homeless. No I'm with good ole mom. Scott and I are sleeping on our mattress and box springs for now...since I sold our bedroom suit this morning at 6:30.....yes..the paper said starts at 7am...they were in my driveway at 5:45......are they normal? NO!

My house looks awful right now......stuff everywhere. Scott is off this weekend until Wednesday and we should be completely out of this home by Thursday. So I will be in and out.

One thing I need from you all.....Miller has been put on Zyrtek and Singulair...for his allergies. Now they are putting him on an anti biotic and cough medicine since he is coughing so bad. I'm not familiar with allergies.....but he has been coughing, runny nose and eyes itchy and this normal and does it ever get controlled? It is driving us crazy. No one in our family has allergies.......any advice? He seems miserable.

I hope you all have a great weekend........I''ll be out with the crazy people in the morning...LOL!


mom of 2 said...

Ah...allergies. I have had them for as long as I can remember! I also take Zyrtec and Singulair and they help me soooo much! They do not help my eyes, so I use eye drops as well in the spring, but he may be too young for allergy eye drops. Spring and Fall are my absolute worst times and the meds help, but some days (especially if I'm outside a lot) I still have the itchy face and runny nose. I hope the medicine helps him!

About your comment on my blog...Miller is your child, so cut his hair how you want! Travis keeps getting nervous about what others will think of his new do. I told him just this afternoon that you can't go through life trying to please everyone else or you'll be miserable! You can't please all the people all of the time so do what you think is the right thing!

And good luck with the garage sale...we are having ours in a few weeks. Hope all of the moving goes smoothly!

org junkie said...

We've been battling allergies and asthma with my son for 7 years. Those are all classic symptoms. My son did daily benedryl for years and now takes singular every day to keep his asthma in check and it has been a lifesaver for us. Has Miller been checked for asthma? Have you trying putting him on a nebulizer to see if that helps him? If he is in fact displaying asthma signs then cough medicine won't do anything for him.
I hope you are able to figure it out soon, it is hard to watch them go through that.
Good luck with your garage sale.

Barb said...

Unfortunately, the people who arrive so early ARE normal - they're the professional yard sale shoppers, looking for all the "good" stuff before the masses arrive. LOL

Miller's reaction to his allergies sounds normal, too, unfortunately. Even mild allergies are miserable. But I'd say, yes, with the right medication and good medical care, he'll get better.

Good luck these next few days. I know it's stressful. Maybe it will help if you keep a vision of finally being settled in your new home in mind. I think it's exciting. Lots of work but still exciting. :-)

Anonymous said...

TheBeast is on Zryec right now and it's worked wonders for her! She's been runny, nose, eyes, everything since birth and they would never listen to me that it was allergies. Finally at 17 months they give her Zrtec and she's all dried up! No more constant runniness! Oh, and I thought about emailing you that I was coming, but the hubs came with and he's not wild about hanging around and meeting people. Anti-social pastor? yeah, haha.

I had a blogger friend leave me a comment that meds aren't neccesary for allergies, that food ellimination is, but she said to get wheat, sugar, eggs and something else out of her diet, but i really think with theBeast it's environmental and not food.

Sandra said...

Ugh Jen, I have allergies too, and just got them out of the blue two months ago.

I was put on zyrtec and had the WORST reaction to it, honestly thought I was going to die. The symptoms that you described for Miller are normal though and he'll get better....

I laughed at your comment about the yard sale, we had one yesterday and it said 7:30am....we had people in our drive way at 6am ROFL

Good luck with the moving, I'm next :)