Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Random Things about me

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning tagged me or 7 random things about me....Hmmmmm. Here goes.

1. I could sit on the beach and stare at the ocean for hours......days if possible

2. I love to cook. Anything. Anytime. It helps me to de stress

3. I have to have creamer in my coffee....doesnt matter what kind...just need the cream

4. I would love to travel around the world...with my family.

5. When I get stressed anything I eat well, you can imagine......

6. I'm in a bidding war for a new house right now......pray I win.

7. I do genealogy on the side to keep my mind focused on other things.

There you have it......7 Random things about me....I tag.....anyone


Barb said...

Goodness! That was quick, Jen.

I just hate that you ended up in a bidding war. Friday can't get here quickly enough. I'm praying you win the war and can put this behind you.

Meantime, good luck trying to pack with that little one helping you. And thanks for playing along.

(If sitting on the beach for hours or days is weird, I'm as weird as can be.:-)

gail said...

I think I'm more addicted to the stuff that goes in coffee rather than the coffee itself! My new favorite creamer at the moment is white chocolate macadamia.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great random facts about you Jen :) I love creamer in my coffee too, and won't drink it without it. I have that new Blueberry Cobbler in mine this AM :)

Hope everything works out on the house. And soon. I know the stress must really be getting to you. Hang in there!!!

Carey said...

I too could sit on the beach for hours, days if possible.