Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm reflecting on my week everyone. Let's see...I'm moving. My house is upside's hard living out of boxes and suit cases. We had our Yard sale and I made over $300. That was nice. We went to church this morning. We are going to a friend's house for dinner tonight for some distraction. Considering my kitchen is packed. I'm trying to look ahead and see my new home and well....maybe in about a month I will be half way settled in it. We still close on 6/8.
The days are flying by. We move in with mom permanently in a couple of days. We have sold my bedroom set so we are on the floor......

Madison is having with drawls from us not opening the pool. She is going to miss that this year. Hopefully we will be putting one in at the end of summer.
I still have bathrooms to pack and my closet......almost done. I'm tired. I'm okay though...I know this is pat of the hardship to our dreams......

One piece of advice..dont let your husbands pack the iron too early or you will be forced to go to church I did this morning......have a great weekend everyone!
Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like you're moving right along! I hate packing! You seem to be doing well though, that's good! June 8th will be here before you know it!

Barb said...

I see you're wasing your days goofing off, Jen. Shame on you! LOL

You know what I love about that photo? The lime lollipops sitting next to the glass. I wonder how many people know they're great for stirring iced tea and imparting a little extra flavor.

I laughed at hubby packing the iron away. Trust me - Rob could pack mine away and never hear a complaint from me.

June 8th isn't far away at all. Look at all you have to look forward to. And I seriously doubt it will take you a month to get settled into the new house. That will be done and you'll be playing in the new pool before you know it. Moving into a new house is a lot easier than moving out of an old one.

Happy times and you sound so much less stressed. I'm glad for that. I hope you're taking today to just relax and enjoy a holiday with your sweet family.

gail said...

Great job and results on your garage sale! Hope the packing is going well. June 8 will be here soon so maybe y'all can hang in there a bit longer!
We'll look forward to pics later when you get moved in!

Pattie said...

oh yes....moving is not fun. This post reminded me of the reasons why I dislike moving so much. I hope this next few weeks passes quickly for you all!