Monday, February 05, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

It's Monday and this means planning out my menu with Laura over at Organizing Junkie....go see her!

Monday......Cheesy Ham and Hash brown Bake...with fruit

Tuesday......Chili and Mexican Cornbread

Wednesday.....Talapia with veggies and rice

Thursday........Madison has a Mother/Daughter Banquet at school we are going too. (Scott & Miller will eat Pizza)

Friday..........We have a soccer meeting with the parents and Madison has an activity at not sure this night....sandwiches maybe.

Saturday.......We have a Valentine Banquet with our Sunday School Class I'm's catered....with a DJ

Sunday.........Italian Beef Sandwiches with provolone cheese, and chips

So it's Monday morning......and I want to be in one of these chairs up above with a tropical drink...munching on fruit. Sounds good........well, let me tell you what I have been through since we last talked.
Friday afternoon consisted of me taking a shower and getting ready while Miller was nice felt like I was single again taking my time and all. Then Madison came home...4pm. My girlfriend was to pick me up at 5:30 for Girls Night Out. Madison was as pale as a ghost.....really. I took her temp and it was 4:40 it was 104.8 yes off to the bathroom we go drawing luke warm bath water. I'm getting to be a pro at this....maybe I should go to nursing took 30 minutes to get it down to 102.3...but it did...while this is going on Miller is standing on the other side of the gate to the bathroom crying because he cant get in...Scott is still at work. So at 5pm I call my friend and yes cancel. I headed the whole darn thing up and I cant even go. I'm so sick of sickness by this time I could scream. So I put her in bed and pour myself a glass of wine turn Barney on for Miller and start to have a pity party for I email my good friend Barb to vent and try to understand why I have been cooped up in this house for more than a month with sickness and how I needed this night. She gave me great advice by the way, I tell ya I'm fine with it now....but sometimes you get tired of all of it and when there is sickness it is always worse. So at 6pm the after hours Dr calls and says they will call an anti biotic in for the morning that it is probably viral again....very contagious. So Saturday morning we all slept until 7am...yes this was very nice....and the Dr office calls back to verify her temp...which was kind of strange...but okay. Then they call back and say the Dr wants to see her ASAP. I'm thinking what? I'm cleaning the outside of the fridge in my on top of my head and no MAKEUP whats so ever on. SO we do a mad sweep to get ready and head out. Miller and Scott are at home dis infecting. SO I get there...we go through a separate door of the office and I'm thinking we have some crazy disease. We wait and not one Dr but 2 come in.......I'm thinking mono or strep throat. They do a Strep Test and it usually takes 10minutes to come back....hers came back in 60 seconds...POSITIVE. So I think okay anti biotics....NO.....the Dr says we have 2 choices....a. Madison gets this new shot that goes in her Sciatic Nerve and its not liquid it's powder. It will have to stay in her leg for about 20 seconds and will hurt for 3 days......or b. be admitted into the hospital.....the strep is so bad.....they are scared it will start to make rounds around hr body like it did 3 years ago....she was very sick. So I look at her and say well...sounds like we do the shot....okay people Madison is terrified of shots....hates them...she is not your normal 9 year old..she has to be strapped down and weighs 78 pounds and is verrrrrry strong. She is flipping out and I'm saying get the shot...I cant stay in the hospital all weekend so they can monitor you. You know we have to do can do can. SO we strap her down....and she is biting my coat.........screaming. while 2 nurses hold her still. The shot takes oh about 30 seconds....the longest 30 seconds of my life when it's over she cant walk...and she has her Healeys on with the rollers out.....if you don't know what they are they are tennis shoes\roller skates so I'm trying to help her down 5 floors without falling and through the parking lot...yes she is still trying and its big time I get her a root beer at A&W and she drinks all of it....we get home and I take Miller to mom's because she is very contagious....and she throws I'm cleaning this up....her fever is 102......and I'm exhausted...this all happens before noon! the day goes on she slept and cried and couldn't move her leg.......Saturday night Miller went down rather early......and we watched You, Me and Dupree...while Madison laid in her bed and watched a movie.......Sunday morning she still had church for us.....and we laid around all day watching Nanny Mc Fee and other shows....getting ready for Super of last night at 9pm her fever was 100....yes she is home today....acting fine....98.6.....but the Dr said she isn't cured until she has been fever free for 24 I wait...I wit for her to get I can leave the house and be normal again...unless of course Miller gets it. Which we have done a good job of keeping them apart. I have alot going on this week......Planning this Valentine Banquet....Madison has a soccer game coming up, volleyball try outs, and acting lessons which she has missed for 2 weeks with sickness. So......I think I have had my share of being sick.....its someone else's turn.....maybe today will be a turn in the road...God only knows I need it.

I'll try to take one day at a time but lately several days have attacked me at once....Jennifer Unlimited


mom of 2 said...

Oh man...sounds like you guys have really been through the ringer with the illnesses! We had a winter like that a few years ago where the kids just passed stuff back and forth and Emily ended up in the hospital due to dehydration from a tummy bug. I can sympathize with your situation!! I'm glad they were able to give Madison the shot though and save you guys from a weekend in the hospital!! I hope your week gets better and that you can all stay well!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What a weekend! I am so sorry... and only hope that this week is SO much better!!

Dee said...

Oh Jen --- I am praying this is the end of this mess for you! Poor Madison and Poor Mommy!!!!!!! I am glad to hear Madison didn't have to be hospitalized - but sorry she had to have the painful shot! Kids - they are the best and the most tiring part of life!! :)

((((Hugs)))) and Prayers for healing for your family......

Glass Half Full said...

What a weekend! A year ago today during Super Bowl weekend I took Mark to the ER for BAD croup and Matt was sick too with a horrible flu. Both had ear infections and needed breathing treatments. I praise our nebulizer machine again and again!!! Definitely been there.... HATE WINTER ILLNESSES WITH A PASSION!!!

Love the menu line up!!!

Doris said...

I hope she is truly on the upswing and you have a much better week!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh girly....I am SO sorry you had such a horrific weekend! Bless your heart...that is just not right!! I am glad your daughter is feeling better today. Lets pray for NO more sickness for a LONG time! =) And to top it off you had to miss your MUCH needed girls night out! I know how much you were looking forward to that, that made me SO sad for you. Maybe you can schedule another one this weekend!

Anonymous said...

No way do we live that close together!!! We will have to meet sometime, doesn't Paducah have a big mall?? I think people around here go there to the mall sometime. I don't know. But I could totally drive there!! Do you have email, I'm not sure if it's posted or not. Mines

I mean get together, after you're all done with the sickness!! LOL. So sorry you've been stuck in the house. It starts making you depressed after so long, doesn't it? I'll pray that this will over for you now!!

Rona's Home Page said...

I think I've only seen 2 menus this week with fish. I wonder why people don't cook fish and seafood more?
Anyways, have a terrific week.
Happy Library Lover's Month.

Nicole said...

All I could say while reading that was OH MY GOODNESS. Bless your heart girl. I cannot believe all that happened over the weekend. You missed your girl's night out? NO GOOD!!

Madison sounds like my 10 year old. She would have had to be strapped down for that too. WOW. How scary too. I am glad that part is over for ya'll and hope this week is better for you!!

Barb said...

When I gave you advice, I had no idea she was that sick but I don't think you did either. Thank goodness you called the doctor right away. I never heard of a shot like that but it sounds like it's working miracles. You handled her drama a lot better than me - I probably would have had to be revived! LOL

You poor thing. I know it'll just about do you in if Miller gets this, too, so I'm praying all your precautions work and he escapes this one.

And I'm REALLY praying it works out so you can get out with your girlfriends soon. You seriously need a break!

Maybe I'll also pray for an early end to winter - I think you've had about enough of this one! Keep your chin up.

Kim's Life said...

Oh wow you poor thing. I can imagen how you were feeling. I totally freak out if the children are sick. Poor thing. I hope her leg feels better. My children havent been sick in ages. Im so thankful.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, you need an award for Super Mom of the week! What an ordeal and I'm so sorry she's feeling bad and had to have that terrible shot. I hate needles too, and I might would have wanted to go to the hospital too, I'm so glad she was brave and took the shot. I'm so sorry you missed your girls night out, and I hope you can reschedule soon. And I hope that Miller doesn't get sick :)

Great sounding menu too, I would be glad to stop by tomorrow and help polish off that chili and cornbread!!!

Hang in there Jen :)

Kim said...

Holy Cow, Jen! What a weekend. I am so sorry that Madison has been so sick. Hopefully the shot will do its magic, and you can be done with the sickness for a while. It is so exhausting. I applaud you even attempting planning a menu with all you've had going on. Keep your chin up. I'll pray for you guys.

Linsey said...

I'm so sorry! I can say I feel your pain! From Dec 23 until just this past weekend, our house as been infested with sickness!! Fevers, asthma, RSV(hospital stay for baby), stomach bug, & now upper respitory infection! I'm SO sorry you missed your night out! You really start to go STIR CRAZY after all that stress!!

org junkie said...

Yikes Jen! That sounds just terrible but I'm so thankful that the worst is over for you now and I'm so sorry you missed your girls night out. I know how I always look forward to those myself.

We are all sickies in my house now and it is so not fun.
Hang in there!

Tina Leigh said...

Jen I have never heard of this shot...very interesting..from a nursing stand point. I will ask my fav. Ped. doc. So anxious to hear how things are at your house this morning. I hope all is well. Do update us. Enjoy even the sick day they want let you cuddle them or even tend to them when they are sick.