Friday, February 02, 2007

Girl Talk

Good Friday Morning. How is everyone? Come on in and grab a cup of coffee. Not many creamers to choose from...French Vanilla and Carmel. I'm glad it's Friday. What a week.
After taking care of two sick kids last week I knew this week would be crazy and it was. Madison had 4 tests this week...AGHHHHHH! She made a 100 on her Social Studies Test..the others I don't know yet. They all make me a nervous wreck. She didn't feel really well this morning a slight soar throat with cough and a 99 temp.....but I sent her on with some medicine the Dr gave her last week. Whatever it is we have to beat it...we have a busy weekend. As usual. Miller has been fine. We took him back to the ENT Dr last week and he got a clean bill of health. Today I'm cleaning the house and Miller has a hair cut appointment. Yes his 4th haircut since he was born...LOL!!! Miller is sleeping through the night...this is a great thing. Scott and I have our bed again.

Tonight is Girls Night Out for me and my girlfriends....we will be going to dinner and a movie (Because I Said So...with Diane Keaton) I love Diane Keaton her...I think she is great.
My girlfriends and I do this about every 3-4 months...very important to do this...there are about 10 of us going...

This weekend Madison has acting lessons and a soccer game on Saturday...she also has a back hand spring class at gymnastics to take Saturday afternoon. Sunday is church....and the Super Bowl we don't have anything special for the ballgame.....Scott mentioned making his famous chicken wings...but not sure though. He got invited to a Super Bowl Party but not sure if he is going or not. I do know I will need to buy him beer for Sunday.

We had our MOPS meeting yesterday and it went really well....I really enjoy this group of women and plan on taking a bible study with some of them on Wednesday mornings for 7 weeks....I know we will have a great time.

We didn't get any snow...well maybe a total of one inch in 2 went south of us which is fine with me.

Well, I have laundry to do before getting out today....I hope you all have a great weekend...I have gotten several emails from you all saying you couldn't comment on my blog.....not sure why...just keep coming back and trying...I check in with you guys ever so often.....Happy Friday!


Tina Leigh said...

YES blogger has been a bugger!! I couldn't comment yesterday & have had some problems this morning too. OH well. We will survive!! A busy weekend for you it looks like. We are always busy doing something on this farm. We have a few more things to get done & then will be free until I'm planning a fishing trip to Florida in the next week or so!! Hope yall have a good weekend!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I've had oodles of trouble with Blogger in the last 24 hours, including here. Glad it seems to be back to normal.

Oooh, girls night out! Have a great time and I can't wait to hear about that movie. I've been seeing the reviews all week and I would love to see it. I'll probably wait to rent it, my husband doesn't like chick flicks nearly as much as I do! :)

We're having a big Super Bowl party at our house, you're more than welcome to come on down!!!

Have a great day and weekend Jen :)

gail said...

I had trouble with blogger yesterday too.
I've just seen the ads for that movie in the last day or 2 and it looks like fun! Sounds like a good time with friends too.
Have a good weekend!

Nicole said...

OH good. I wasn't the only one that couldn't comment. And I thought it was strange that there were 0 comments, so I thought something might be wrong.

I LOVE girls night out. 10 girls is a lot. That is great. I go out with my BFF sometimes, but we don't have a "group"to go with. But I always look forward to that time.

Have fun a weekend. And I think you should go to the Super Bowl Party!! They are fun. IF not, the chicken wings are a must!!!

Doris said...

Oh I'm glad to see you for your banner all fixed! Cute :)

Overwhelmed! said...

Darn Blogger! I've had problems with them the last 2 days. Ugh!!

I hope Madison did well on her tests. Glad to hear that Miller is feeling better and sleeping through the night again. Hooray for sleep!

Hey, what does MOPS stand for?

So, I have to tell you, you've inspired me with your idea to do a themed edition of my Favorite Ingredients Friday recipe exchange. In fact, I've decided to do a Favorite Ingredients Friday, Valentine’s Day chocolate edition next Friday! I hope you can join me for that. :)

Thanks again for the idea!

Have a great weekend!

Dee said...

yes -- blogger was a PAIN yesterday! anyhow I hope you have a great time with your "girls" --- i can't wait to see that movie! you'll have to let us know how it is!

have a great weekend ..... albeit busy looking... have a good one! :)

Chappyswife said...

Have a GREAT weekend!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't comment on SEVERAL blogs yesterday either! IRRITATING! I am so jealous you are having a girls night out tonight....HAVE FUN!!!

Kim said...

Oh,'s going to let me comment today. I tried several times yesterday, but couldn't do it.

Have a super time at girls night out tonight. That movie looks so cute.

Linsey said...

I have to tell you....Your blog makes me CRAVE Starbucks! LOL

I think we will have to go by Starbucks after dinner tonight! :-)

Have fun tonight! That sounds like a BLAST!

Christina said...

I hope Madison feels fine for the weekend. That is great that Miller is doing well and that he is sleeping through the night.

I hope you enjoyed your girls night out. Diane keaton is awesome.

Kim's Life said...

Yes I grabbed my cup of coffee and I enjoyed your Post.

Pattie said...

Hey Jen!
I'll take the carmel in my coffee, thanks!

How was the movie? I love girl's night out. Hope you had fun. After a week of sick kiddos, you earned it.

Anonymous said...

I live about an hour North of Paduka (sp?). Is that anywhere close to you??

Rona's Home Page said...

Yes you ladies have a fantastic time. The idea of meeting every 2-3 months is convenient too.