Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One last Thursday Thirteen this year

It's the New Year almost so I thought I would go over 13 great things that happened to me over 2006.

1. Scott and I celebrated 12 wonderful years in 2006. We have come along way. I wouldn't change anything.

2. This was our first year adjusting to me not having a paycheck...and have to say we really didn't miss it. I was surprised....the Lord provides.

3. I started blogging..which has been a great stress reliever and a wonderful way to meet such great people out there.....I'm truly blessed to have met each of you.

4. We made a decision that we needed a bigger house. So we are putting ours up for sale in a couple of weeks.

5.I had alot more girls nights out this girlfriends are really great ladies....I'am so lucky to have found them all.

6. Scott, Madison and I have adjusted well to having a new baby in the house...Miller came into our lives on 11/29 last year and boy has this been an interesting year.

7. I do genealogy on the side and mom and I took a trip to Waverly, Tn and found some things that we have searched for years....and this was very exciting because it has opened so many doors for us.

8. We didn't take any vacations this year just due to the fact we were adjusting ourselves without my paycheck...we took a small trip to Nashville and to Waverly. This year we have two vacations we are going to take. One will be to Florida...and the second one will either be Chicago...or St Louis..we have been debating this......but not taking a vacation this year has helped all of us grow and realize you can do fun things here at home together as a family.

9. Madison took a big step this year and decided to quit dance after 7 years of taking it. She wanted to put more focus on cheer leading so we started gymnastics. It was such a smart move...she loves it and it saved us $25 a month plus $200-$300 in recital fees and costumes,
and that will be put to good use.

10. My grandfather died this year April 20th.....after a long battle of Alzheimer's he passed away in his sleep. This was the hardest thing I encountered this could say I'm still not over this. I miss him Daily and think of him all the time. It has made me appreciate my life more.

11.I took on a huge responsibility at church for MOPS...hospitality leader and look forward to a great year with these ladies. I cant wait to get started with it.

12. Madison was saved on October 1st and's a wonderful feeling to know you did your part to lead your child to Christ, she loves Church and is disappointed right now that all activities are on hold until after the first of the year. She is actively in GA's on Wednesday nights, Bible Drills and Team Kid on Sunday night and the children's her own Sunday School . A great problem to have if you ask me.

13. Scott and I have grown closer this year...had a few fights but learned from them. We have a great life and we give thanks to God everyday for it.

I hope you all have a prosperous New alot of Black Eyed Peas for luck and something green for the money.....I look forward to reading about all of your daily lives and enjoying your great friendship.


Christina said...

What a great year you all had. I am sorry for your loss. It is hard to loose someone you really love, hopefully it will get a bit easier over this next year. I lost my grandfather over 15 years ago and I still miss him.

Glad to hear you have adjusted well without the extra paycheck. It is so awesome to be able to stay home with the kids even if it means a little sacrifice.

I am hoping your MOPS group goes well for the New Year.

Good luck on selling your home and can't wait to hear about buying your new one when you get a chance. I am waiting for my hubby to get stationed stateside so we can buy our first house. I think it will be another 3 years at least, but who knows.

Karla said...

this was a great idea - to reflect on the year...

I'll have to do a post on this before the end of the year, too.


Barb said...

I'm struggling to come up with a TT for today. So far all I've accomplished is the banner. :-) This reflection is a great idea.

I love it that Madison wants to concentrate on cheering. Mandy went all out. She ended up being head cheerleader in HS, won competitions and marched in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and performed at the Gator Bowl. She even went on the cheer in college. I was afraid it would become a career (she could teach it) but luckily she got that teaching degree and is teaching third grade. Gymnastics when she was younger was a huge help to her.

I know you miss your Grandfather. You're so blessed that you knew him well enough to miss him. I didn't.

Anyway, your year was full of blessings. I hope the coming year is just as blessed for you and your family.

Cece said...

Jen, what I great idea for a post! Reading it gave me more to know about you, thanks.

Homefront Mom said...

My Christmas last year sounds like your Christmas this year. Been there and gave it to everyone. I posted a picture of Panama City Beach. All you can see is the sand, but it looked good.
Let me know how MOPS is going.

Glass Half Full said...

I enjoyed reading these. Mark is 18 months old, so I related to some of your points.

Mike said...

Hope you get a great house. And have a great year ahead.


Sandra said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful year, hope the new one brings you all the happiness and joy you deserve :)

Just wanted to pop in real quick and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, I've LOVED getting to know you through blogging :)


mom of 2 said...

Overall it sounds like you had a great year! Have a happy new year's and a great 2007!!!!