Friday, December 15, 2006

Girl Talk

Grab something to eat and's Friday...lets talk........

So.....yesterday was Thursday and I went to the grocery was crazy. People everywhere...I thought I was going to get run over by a couple of 70 year old women..who were very serious about the last Folgers Coffee on sale. I just stood back and let them have is important to me but not that important. Later that afternoon I attempted Sam's Club....which wasn't any better. Rude people everywhere....I just love looking at these people and saying..."Merry Christmas"..they just look at me and go the other way. I feel better though. I'm going to the mall today..think about me.

Miller got another haircut this week. This time we did a buzz cut. He has his dad's triple crown...and no that doesn't mean he won a horse race.......his hair stands up like a we did the deed...whacked it all off. He looks like a little GI. So cute.

Madison is going to a Gingerbread House Making Party on Saturday...some little girls are making the houses and decorating them...cute idea....I may do this next year.

Scott and I are going to a Formal Christmas party Saturday night...when I mean formal I mean girlfriend Jess calls it the Grown Up Prom.....high heels, suits, rhinestones,,,,,,the works....a couple of drinks and whooooooo it's 1992 again.....Jess is laughing right now.

At the home place...Miller's surgery has been re scheduled for the 22nd please keep us in your prayers this I'm sure I will be insane or crying.....alot.

I only have 2 presents left to buy.......thank God.

Sunday parents are coming for dinner...I'm cooking Grilled Italian Chicken, red potatoes seasoned, green bean bundles, homemade bread, with honey butter, shrimp cocktail for appetizers, and dessert........coconut cake...3 dad's favorite. Then we are going to church that night for the family sing a long.......

Madison and I are making more candy we need anymore .

I have a friend Karla who had a brain tumor removed today.....she is doing fine. Please pray for her and her family. This was very sudden.

With it being Christmas and all I want you all to reflect on what matters in your lives. Remember how very lucky we are. Appreciate your loved ones.....tell them you love them. Smile and be happy for what we have. When it comes down to it...we are all so very blessed.
I wish you all a fantastic safe......and I'll see you on Monday.


Staci said...

I really enjoy your blog...and a good latte! I've linked you. :)

Barb said...

Isn't it awful how cranky people get this time of year? My favorite thing is to just give them a big smile. It always makes them run away from me, but shame on them for being such grinches.

The meal you're making for your family sounds amazing. Green bean bundles? My goodness, you're going all out. For two months now I've been wanting to make Paula Deen's white coconut cake. This inspires me to do it.

I'll bet you're glad you're almost done with your shopping. I totally dread it. Next year I'm going to be completely done by August 31st. I am!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow Jen, you stay so busy and have so much going on... that dinner sounds superb! Will be thinking about Miller and all of you next week, and try to keep us updated when you have the time.

I know what you mean about the shopping, it's already crazy and just going to get worse. I'm going to get out into the fray today, so I'll be thinking of you out there too :)

Take care, and Merry Christmas!

Cece said...

Because of the crazies out there I've only shopped during my lunch hour. Its taken me longer, but at least I didn't have to kill anyone.

His haircut sounds so cute! And I'll be praying for you guys on 12/22.

The Gingerbread party sounds adorable! Hope she has a good time.

Woo-hoo! Grown up prom! Have a good time.

Your dinner menu sounds WONDERFUL

Christina said...

I envy you. Only 2 gifts left and I just started.

It sounds like you are going to make your family quite a meal. I wish I could come over. I can cook pretty good but nothing fancy.

Enjoy your grown up prom. It sounds like a lot of fun. Me and hubby usually go to the military ball, but he was at school this year so we missed it.

I will keep Miller in my prayers and I know he will do fine.

gail said...

People do get crazy this time of son had his truck hit & run while it was in a parking lot somewhere. Bummer, right at Christmas too. I'll hate getting the estimate!

Mommy off the Record said...

I am in total awe of what you are planning to cook for your parents. Wow.

And yes, people at the stores are crazy this time of year. I went grocery shopping today and parking was a total nightmare. I'm seriously thinking of getting my groceries online for the next two weeks!

dot said...

Hi Jen, I'm Tina's mother (Blessings in the South). Just wanted to let you know that her computer went out and she says she doesn't know when she'll get time to shop for another. She has mentioned how much she loves your blog and especially the Thursdays so wanted to let you know why she hasn't been by. dot

Pattie said...

So much to say..I hope you weren't trampled at the mall! People can be a little overzealous this time of year.

I will be thinking of Miller...and I hope your friend is doing better. How frightening that must be. It is another reminder to hold our loved ones close.

A grown up prom??? How fun! And that dinner sounds so yummy!
Good luck in your week ahead. Sounds like you have much going on, Jen :)