Friday, December 01, 2006

Girl Talk

Good Morning ladies.....grab a cup of whatever you like....lets talk........

My week has been really crazy. You all should know by now..Miller goes for tubes in 2 weeks. It's okay I have accepted it. I just want him to feel better. He has slept all night for 2 weeks. This is good.

The weather here this morning is crazy. The winds are 28 MPH....very loud and very windy. It sounds awfully scary out there. We did dodge a LARGE snowstorm that has hit St.Louis with alot of snow and blizzard like conditions......reminding you we are 3 hours from there. So we are lucky. We would love to have some snow but not blizzard conditions.

I have alot going on this weekend. Madison has a Spa Day with her friends on Saturday.....kind of cool she gets her hair, make up , nails, etc done its a 4 hour thing and she loves getting things like this done. Scott and I and Miller are going to the mall Christmas shopping while she is doing this. Saturday night is our Sunday School Christmas party. Sunday is church, Christmas photos of the kids and the Christmas Advent walk downtown......which we do every year. It's a jam packed weekend...I know. Today we go to the doctor so Miller can get his 1 year check up. He has to get 5 shots....I know crazy......and tonight we have been invited by friends to go eat dinner at their Miller is going with us....Madison is going to church. I need to go to the grocery in the midst of this crazy weather today too. We'll see.

Next week is jam packed too....did I say Christmas...December?????? My Christmas Cards are ready to go....just need the kids pictures...which are being made Sunday.

I made candy last night....peanut brittle, tiger bark, fudge, and chocolate covered peanuts. I love making candy. Madison helped out some.

I'm drinking my coffee and looking at my tree listening to Christmas music...what a great morning! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


mom of 2 said...

You do have a busy weekend! We've got a pretty busy weekend, too! Seems like this time of year there is always something to do...hope you have a great one!!

On the Journey to Victory said...

I hope you fun with your busy weekend. The Day Spa for your daughter sounds like so much fun. I'm sure she will enjoy herself.

It sounds like you are enjoying life. What a blessing!


Cece said...

Wow you are busy! And toss in bad weather, too?

I got most of my cards in the mail today, YAY!

Have a nice weekend & stay warm!

Barb said...

Five shots? That's just not right. Poor thing. You'd think they could figure out a way to not have to stick him that many times.

You have a crazy weekend coming up. My goodness, I don't think I could keep up with you guys. Sounds like a lot of fun, though.

The spa day for the girls sounds like a riot. I'll bet they love every minute of it.

Sandra said...

You sound so busy, hope you get some rest this weekend :)

Will pray for Miller and hope everything goes well :)


Anonymous said...

can you send me some peanut brittle...LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

Glass Half Full said...

Can't wait to see the decorating photos!!! :) Thanks for joining in.

Christina said...

You really keep yourself busy. Have a nice weekend.

Glad to hear Miller will get the tubes. I hope this makes him better.

Tajma said...

Hi love your blog I also am a huge fan of coffee lucky for me I work in a coffee bar. Just thought I would drop a note since I see you talking about snow I just posted some pics of our snow days have a peek if you want .

keri said...

sounds crazy! i hope the tubes help miller...i'm sure it will. and how did all those shots go on friday!? poor thing.