Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Cards part 2

We did our Christmas Cards a couple of weeks the brave soul I'am took them myself. It wasnt that bad at first....and then they wouldn't listen.

Madison loves posing for the camera...Miller gets bored with it...I guess its a boy thing.

They got goofy...which drove me nuts...and then finally I decided to laugh with them. Why not.

My girl.

Miller looks scared to death...we did decide on some....I will post the actual ones I created on and show you all later in the month.

Do you do your own Christmas cards? Are you crazy once its all over searching for that perfect picture?


Karen said...

HAPPY Birthday! one day late:( Oooh, I opened your blog and remembered right away that your b-day is Dec 8th -- and today is my dad's b-day, so I'm a day late. I hope you had a really nice day. It sounds like you have a great week planned (from you Monday post).

I had a friend take a family photo last weekend -- first one we've done in ages for a Christmas card. I'm hit or miss on getting photos in cards, so I feel pretty good that I actually got the whole family in one. Now, I've got to get the cards written. (sigh)

Christina said...

Great pictures of the kids. I think any one of them would be beautiful for your card.

Christina said...

PS Happy Birthday to you.

~~Lina~~ said...

Like that Zebra blanket!

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